Smile Brilliant – Brilliant 12 Deluxe Package

I don’t know about you, but when the weather gets warm and my skin starts to tan, I feel the need to whiten my teeth. There is just something about bright white teeth. I have tried many different products: from store bought to dentist prescribed. I have not been pleased with many of the products I have used lately and was so excited to learn about the Brilliant 12 Deluxe Package from Smile Brilliant . I tried out the Brilliant 12 Deluxe Teeth Whitening Package. This particular package appealed to me as it includes a custom fit whitening tray, along with 12 gel syringes! The compound and pressing trays were sent to me in a prepaid mailer. I followed the super simple instructions on mixing the compound, fitting it into the tray and taking my own impressions. It was so easy and just took a few minutes. They even include a spare set of compound just in case you make a mistake ( but you won’t, trust me). The mixing compounds Smoosh them together and press into the tray. Make your impressions and run the trays under cold water. Let dry and return in prepaid mailer.           I sent off my impressions and received my custom whitening trays in about a week. They fit perfectly! I tried out the whitening gel right away. This set comes with a 22% solution and the recommended whitening time is 45 to 90 minutes. This is a little longer than the 30 minute whitening time prescribed to me by my dentist, but really was not a big deal. I just put my trays in after breakfast and left them in for 90 minutes. I hardly even noticed I was wearing them. After whitening my teeth I would notice that my teeth were sensitive later in the day. I totally expected this, and the sensitivity is always relieved by the next morning. I find that by spacing my teeth whitening sessions out every other day the sensitivity is greatly reduced. I have been whitening my teeth for almost 2 weeks now and WOW, they are really much whiter! Almost 3 shades whiter! I couldn’t believe how quickly I noticed the results. I had been using a system from my dentist and the results from Smile Brilliant were far more noticeable. Parting Thoughts: 1. I LOVE that I was able to make a custom fitted tray at home. I think this is the key to successful teeth whitening. My trays fit perfectly and they seem to be quite durable. I am very happy with them. 2. The gel is really effective and I noticed results immediately! 3. This package comes with 12 syringes, which will equal over 24 whitening sessions! This is a really great package and I have been extremely pleased with the results and customer service from Smile Brilliant. If you want to try out Smile Brilliant for yourself check out our giveaway for their Brilliantly Simple Package. Follow Smile Brilliant on Facebook for the latest product updates and promotions!

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  • Wow, this seems pretty darn easy to use!
  • i have always been nervous abt using whitening products on my teeth. i have very sensitive teeth and gums. however, i might try this.
  • I've never used any kind of whitening product,but this seems pretty easy to do,plus results.
  • wow your system is so elaborate! love how it can be customized

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