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>We have been playing around with SpellQuizzer Spelling Program/Spelling Software for a while now.  Granted, my oldest is only starting Kindergarten, but we’ve been kind of challenging ourselves by entering our own challenge words to see who the better speller  is (my husband and me).  Its me :o)  I do think that as kids get into grade school and middle school they will want, need and use this program with increasing frequency.

SpellQuizzer is a spelling program that helps kids learn their spelling and vocabulary words.
SpellQuizzer is spelling software for children that need help learning their spelling and vocabulary words.

The SpellQuizzer web site has pre-made downloadable spelling lists that you can download and use with SpellQuizzer.You can also make up your OWN spelling lists.  How cool is that?  I think this is a great program for teachers, parents and homeschoolers.  I bet some after school care places could help students using this software as well.  They actually have a page devoted to homeschoolers.

You can view videos right here to see exactly how SpellQuizzer works.  I’m not tech savvy enough to get screenshots, so just check the videos out.  Its really easy to use, and kind of makes learning spelling words a little less of a chore and a little bit more fun!!

I think SpellQuizzer is a really affordable, really versatile program that is going to last your family (group) right through school years.  I love love love how you can customize lists.  We did some really silly stuff and some little kid appropriate words for my 5 year old and it was so user-friendly, and so easy.  Definitely a good resource to have in your house if you have children!!

SpellQuizzer sent me a list of tips :

Some tips and things to consider :

  1. SpellQuizzer was not designed with any one spelling curriculum in mind.  In fact, it should compliment virtually any spelling curriculum since you create your own custom spelling lists.

  2. There is a page on the site specifically directed toward homeschoolers:http://www.spellquizzer.com/Spelling-Software-For-Homeschoolers.htm.  I recommend linking to it in addition to any of the other pages you find relevant to your review.

  3. SpellQuizzer’s built-in spellchecker recognizes both US and UK English spellings.  The spellchecker warns the user when creating a spelling list if they enter a word that appears to be spelled incorrectly.  Because of this safeguard it’s reasonably safe to let children create their own spelling lists guided by the curriculum they are working on.

  4. It’s always a good idea to try to make the sound recordings for word lists amusing for the child.  Funny phrases or voices make it more fun and help to children engaged.

  5. There are several free downloadable spelling lists for SpellQuizzer on our web site athttp://www.spellquizzer.com/Spelling-Lists.htm.   These lists include pre-made sound recordings.  We are in the process of adding new lists to the site.

  6. Users can easily export and import SpellQuizzer spelling lists to share with other SpellQuizzer users.  This makes it easy for members of homeschool groups to share their lists rather than everyone having to record their lists individually.

  7. We have recently added a community area to our web site with discussion forums and an area where users can upload their own lists to share with others and download lists other SpellQuizzer users are sharing.  This makes it easier than ever to share your lists with other SpellQuizzer users and for them to share their lists with you.

  8. If a user doesn’t have a PC microphone (many computers come with them now free but they get lost or tossed in a drawer and forgotten) they can usually be purchased at any department store’s electronics department for under $10.  There’s no need to invest in an expensive microphone as the inexpensive models usually produce acceptable recordings.

  9. On some Windows installations Microphone Boost isn’t turned on by default.  This can result in audio recordings made using a PC microphone being unacceptably faint even with the sound level turned all the way up.  This affects all programs that work with a PC microphone and not just SpellQuizzer.  There are instructions in the SpellQuizzer help file and also on the web site (http://www.spellquizzer.com/MicrophoneBoost.htm) for turning Microphone Boost on if such a problem is encountered.

Buy It:  SpellQuizzer can be purchased directly from their website. The purchase is risk-free- 100% money back guarantee (within first 60 days after purchase, but I am fairly certain you’ll know right away if this program is right for you long before then).

Win It: One of my readers will win a free SpellQuizzer license just as I received.

To Enter:
Mandatory Entry: Head over toSpellQuizzer and tell me something you learned not mentioned here.

Bonus Entries: Tell me one word you just can’t seem to spell correctly without looking it up!!  We all have one!!

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This giveaway will end on September 10, 2010 at midnight, EST.  Winner will be chosen using random.org.  OPEN WORLDWIDE (but remember, this only does US and UK spellings!!) Winner must give me full name with email address to forward to SpellQuizzer.  If no response from SpellQuizzer within 48 hours, a new winner to be chosen.

Thanks, and good luck!!  Back to school time!!

I was provided with a sample of this product to facilitate my review.  Opinions expressed within are my own.

About the author: I’m a 30-something mom to three, brand ambassador. content creator, social media maven, blogger extraordinaire, earth lover, butcher, baker, candlestick maker (or something along those lines) – love word games, crafting, cake decorating or shooting pictures.

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  • >This program helps raise a childs confidence in both spelling and reading.
  • >i learned that children learn quicker with this method, than with the traditional one.Diane Baumesldiane@gmail.com
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  • >I subscribe to your emails.rrudnick@netnet.net
  • >I like that this program helps raise a childs confidence in both spelling and reading.rrudnick@netnet.net
  • >You won't find any other spelling program that lets you create your own custom lists tailored to your student's needs with such ease.
  • >The software then quizzes the child, playing each word back to him one at a time, checking his spelling as he types in the words. SpellQuizzer corrects him when he types in a word incorrectly, and re-quizzes him on any words he missed once the first pass is completed.
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  • >I learned that spelling software helps students learn spelling lists quicker than traditional manual practice because it's less of a chore for the child.glass.stephanie(at)gmail(dot)com
  • >The website has video demonstrations! This really interests me as we're homeschooling and I think it would help teach my kids in a fun new way!firstrosegrrl@yahoo.com

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