The Bat Jar Conjecture (More Big Bang Theory…)

In episode 13 from season one of The Big Bang Theory, “The Bat Jar Conjecture,” which aired Wednesday October 10th, Sheldon’s arrogance ostracizes him from the group which leads to him competing directly against his friends with Sheldon’s Group. Have you ever competed against a good friend? If your best friend knew that one item that would make amends, what would it be? Is it as funny as a batman cookie jar?

Competing against friends can be a lot of fun or a lot of drama.  I like it a lot more when its a lot of fun.  I wish I had a funny story like the Bat Jar Conjecture, but I don’t.  I’m too boring.  (Um, hold up.  Did I just say I’m more boring than “geeks” for real?  Here, on the internet, where anyone can see?  Sigh.  Times have changed…)  A Batman cookie jar wouldn’t do much for me at all, but a Cadbury creme egg, or a 7-11 coke slurpee would be a pretty nice amends-making item…ohhhhhhhhh or a pedicure.  That would be perfect to make amends!!

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“I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote The Big Bang Theory in Syndication.”

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  • I have to agree to you that this show is really funny. My hubby loves it and turned me onto it. I’m so glad he did! I haven’t liked any comedies only and have experienced a drama rut, but this show is excellent!
  • I love this show and especially Sheldon; he is so funny.
  • This show is so funny! My husband loves it and turned me onto it. I'm so glad he did! I haven't liked any comedies only and have been in a drama rut, but this show is great!
  • My all time favorite show!

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