>Want to be REALLY Cool for School? Leave your germs at home!!

>With everyone gearing up to head back to school in a few short weeks (or sooner- in my town we start school August 30th) there are back to school sales, deals and promos galore (never mind the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decor I see not far from the school supplies!!).  I think what is also important to remember when we get ready to go back to school is to leave your germs at HOME.

One big thing that I think many of us are guilty of (I used to be, I won’t lie) is not changing out the toothbrushes every 3 months like clockwork.  Let’s stop and think for a minute about where we brush our teeth.  In the bathroom.  Where the toilet is.  Do YOU always remember to close the lid before flushing?  Does everyone in your house?  Because the second you flush a toilet, germs are spreading like wildfire.  Where your toothbrushes are.  Grossed out yet?  I get all twitchy thinking about it, to be honest.  Yuck, yuck and yuck some more.  I implore you- CHANGE THE TOOTHBRUSHES every 3 months.  Sooner, if you get a cold, a virus, an infection.  Seriously.  Changing your toothbrush regularly can be such an EASY way to keep the germs on the down low, you know?

Also, don’t let the brushes from one family member touch anyone else’s.  I KNOW your children adore one another and want to be touching one another every second of every day, but…let their toothbrushes have some space.  Covering them is a great way to keep germs from hopping from one spot to the next and partying together…making new germs…Don’t believe me?  Check out what Colgate has to say about it.

Aside from toothbrushes, there are other ways to leave germs at home.  Cap the toothpaste between use.  Buy everyone their own deoderant (and ladies, in a pinch I had to try Mr. Bargain’s deoderant a few weeks ago.  It’s all sticky and weird and I smelled like a man all day long.  Just keep a few spare in the hall closet for everyone and you are good to go.  Its worth it!).

The biggest, most important way to leave germs at home?


drumroll, please………………………


That’s right.  Wash ’em.  Lather that soapy goodness right up and rinse it right off.  No need for the antibacterial soap, even- a good scrub with any soap will do the same job (I won’t get into my thoughts on triclosan here, but trust me, antibacterial or not, washing your hands vigorously makes a HUGE difference).   In a pinch you can use the hand sanitizers, but really, the best thing is just plain old soap and water.

If you aren’t sure how long to wash for, sing the ABC’s once through.  That’s long enough.  We challenge our kids to see who can make the most soap bubbles on their hands while washing.  Whatever method you use, USE it.  Wash ’em!  
Not sure when to wash the hands?  If you are wondering if you should, its probably better to wash just in case.  Wash before eating.  Wash before cooking.  Wash when you come inside.  Wash when you get home from the mall, or school.  Really.  It’ll become a habit in no time, a habit of the positive sort.  
And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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