>Why join Facebook Like You Back?

>Have you seen the post every Wednesday about Facebook Like-You-Back (FLYB) and wondered exactly what it was all about?

Q: Why would I want to use the weekly FLYB?

A: If you have a blog or business with a Facebook page and would like to increase your audience, Facebook Like-You-Back might be just the boost you need!

Q: What is the linky for?

A: At the end of the FLYB post, there is a “linky”. A linky is like a bulletin board where people can post links to a web page. In this case, we link to Facebook pages. When you put up a link to your Facebook page, it means you are agreeing to “like” anyone who “likes” you.

Please only link to Facebook pages – don’t link to your blog or any giveaways!

Q: What else do I do besides add a link to my Facebook page to the linky?

A: After you’ve put up a link to your Facebook page, click on other links. “Like” the Facebook page and leave a message on their wall. Say something like, “Found you on FLYB, I hope you’ll like my page too” and leave a link to your page. The Facebook page owner will follow the link to your page and “like” you back! The hosts would appreciate it if you would “like” us – it’s our return for writing and posting each week. And of course, we will like you back!!

Q: What do I do when someone leaves an FLYB message on my wall?

A: Make sure when you get a FLYB message on your Facebook wall that you follow that person back. It’s easy, fun and you will grow your Facebook audience! If it’s sounds like something you would like to do, go here to the FLYB post now, and try it out!

Q: Okay, you convinced me to give it a try, what now?

A: Go to the FLYB post here, and get started…. have fun!

Any questions? Leave a comment or email me, glad to help.

About the author: I’m a 30-something mom to three, brand ambassador. content creator, social media maven, blogger extraordinaire, earth lover, butcher, baker, candlestick maker (or something along those lines) – love word games, crafting, cake decorating or shooting pictures.

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