Wii Play: Motion

We Wii a lot when the weather is crummy.   The past few weeks we have had several rainy and stormy days so we have played the Wii a bit!! Its a fun way for us to have together time, and its a good stress relief for me.  Plus, it gets ALL of us up and moving when we Wii which is never a bad thing, movement is better than being sedentary!!

Wii Play: Motion comes with 12 built-in games and a motion controller. While only 4 of these games allow more than 2 players to oppose one another, there are still tons of fun games that are suitable for the 10+ crowd (so in our house, this means we just need 2 motion-contrllers for now).  I want to note now that the Wii Play: Motion comes with one controller, you will need to purchase an additional controller for each person you expect may play, so up to four. It brings a new feel to playing with your Wii and adds a new dimension of fun.

A New Way to Move
Families and friends can discover a dozen new motion-controlled activities and a black Wii Remote™ Plus controller, all bundled together in one extraordinary package. Players of any age or background can wield the controller in a multitude of interesting ways – gripping it like an umbrella and tilting it to ride gusts of wind toward the finish line of a windy race course, or holding it like a mallet to thwart pesky vermin from stealing vegetables from their gardens. With multiple difficulty modes and game variations to unlock, up to four players can get caught up in the big action of the Wii Play™: Motion game together, creating priceless memories and instant group fun for everyone in the household.

Cone Zone is my favorite game on Wii Play: Motion.  It involves balance (something lacking in my body) and ice cream (something too frequently in my body) but that makes it more fun for me.  My balance is far from centered and it always gives us a good laugh when I try to play games like this.  This one is cute and fun.

Pose Mii Plus is fun- feels like a cyber indoor park on a whole new level and I like seeing the weird positions the Mii’s can get into.  Games like this are stress relief for me.

You can buy Wii Play: Motion on the Nintendo site or find a retailer near you/online.



I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review.  Opinions expressed within are my own.

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