Worst part of cleaning the house? #MrCleanMorePower

I used to think that cleaning toilets was the worst part of cleaning the house.  This is a sponsored post about cleaning the house for SheSpeaks/Mr. Clean.

Then I had kids.

Toilets were still kind of the worst, but we also had diapers, and lots more general mess.

But we also have a dog.

And now we have 2 kittens.

Since we got the kittens, I have realized that the worst part of cleaning the house is keeping the area around the litter box clean.

Because, litter.  As in cat litter.  Where they do their business and cover said business with litter using their paws.  Then they leave the litter box and go about their day.

Except they don’t leave ALL the litter in the box.

Which, in a word? YUCK.

I’m diligent about cleaning the litter box and we have a mat around it to try to catch the loose litter.

It doesn’t catch it all. And sometimes there’s little footprints near the box. Again, I say YUCK.

I need muscles to help me clean these floors.  MUSCLES.

mr clean liquid muscle

Like Mr. Clean and HIS muscles. Specifically, Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle. I already love his Magic Eraser muscles for many reasons, and now I have a new reason to love them.

I am in love with this cleaner.  And I like to make my own cleaners.  But sometimes, when I’m dealing with kitty pawprints of cat litter on my floors that my family walks on, I want something tough, and something strong. I want those muscles doing the icky work FOR me. (Remember, I’m lazy!)

mr clean liquid muscle at work

Mr. Clean and his muscles made short work of the mess on the floor.  (Plus, isn’t that the coolest bucket ever? I love it).

So what’s your least favorite part of cleaning?  Do you have pets to clean up after, too?





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  • I have a very small bathroom, but it is the one room that gets the least amount of attention. I'm glad to know that I am not the only one with this problem. Thanks for sharing.
  • my dilemma is my bathroom! its a small one and gets dirty fast, i hate it lol.
  • I hate greasy floors.
  • I really don't like cleaning behind places, like the couch, the stove, or behind the toilet. I think the toilet is the worst because sometimes my face accidentally touches the side of it.
  • Sounds Like A Great Product
  • Oh yeah, I would hate cleaning the liter too. I really hate the bathroom though! *REALLY* hate!
  • Love Mr Clean and I will check this out
  • This is exactly why we don't have pets, lol! My least favorite part of cleaning is anything that has to do with my kitchen! I loathe cleaning it.
  • I haven't tried this Mr. Clean product yet. I'll have to try it when I'm out of my current cleaner.
  • My least favorite part of cleaning is sweeping floors. Always seem to miss a few crumbs. lol . I love the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, they are amazing. This Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle looks terrific, love the bucket!
  • My favorite part of cleaning is that the kids are finally interested in helping some. I hate cleaning so having helpers gives me more incentive to want to do it.

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