Zanymals from Little Tikes (Coming soon to a store near you!)

We are big fans of Little Tikes- they’ve been around forever (as has our sandbox from them) and they make really good, quality products that last and last.  They have a really cute, fun new product hitting stores soon called Zanymals!!


Zanymals live in the Jumble Jungle, where the ground jiggles and tornados blow, leaving everything all mixed up. Kids can get creative switching and scrambling up legs, noses, ears, and tails to create their own wacky, wild beasts.  Multiple packs of Zanymals allow a child to use his or her imagination to create their own Zanymals.

Product Features:

•        Includes 1, 2 or 3 animals with interchangeable body parts

•        Smooth vinyl finish + cool graphics colors

•        Endless combinations + easy assembly

Age: 4+

Price: 1-pack $9.99; 2-pack $16.99; 3-pack $24.99

 All three of my kids like these, and Jenni’s older son does too.  They love reconfiguring the Zanymals to make them super silly, like putting a tail where the mouth goes- lots of fun and endless options for creativity.  Nice  soft plastic, and not too many small parts (I put them aside when Baby B plays with these) to lose track of.  Definitely a hit!!

We received a sample of this product to facilitate our review.  Opinions expressed within are our own.

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  • Love these! My, almost 4yr old daughter, would LOVE them!
  • These look super cute!! What a perfect activity for a rainy day. I will definitely be looking for these in my local toy store.
  • Your kids are so cute! The giraffe reminds me of the giraffe from Madagascar!
    • I thought the same thing!! I look at it now and see Ross from Friends...LOL

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