$15 for $30 worth of Newmark Learning products!!

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Attention parents, teachers, homeschoolers!!  Newmark Learning has a GREAT deal on Eversave.com today- $15 for 30 of interactive educational learning products.  We do not homeschool full time but my kids adore anything school related so I have been amassing quite a collection of homeschool materials.  I just ordered my voucher a few minutes ago!

They have some really neat Interactive Whiteboard CD-Roms for $14.99 each- which means you can order 2, pay $5 shipped for 2 of them!! Some really neat titles for math, science, fiction, social studies and more. 

This looks neat: How Many Legs in All? Interactive Whiteboard CD-ROM 
If a spider has eight legs, how many legs do two spiders have? Practice counting and adding all kinds of animal legs.

About this series

Turn literacy instruction into a multimedia adventure! Engaging Interactive Whiteboard Resources motivate students to learn core content and literacy skills. Ideal for whole-group lessons. Interactive features include: window shades to hide and reveal text or images, built-in pen tools, and self-correcting grammar & writing, vocabulary, and comprehension skills activity pages! � Interactivity is BUILT IN to software, enabling interactivity to function on ANY brand of whiteboard, on a computer for individual use at school or at home, or even on an overhead projector! � Interactive, self-correcting activities enrich the whiteboard experience, reinforce important ideas, and prepare students for standardized tests. � Customized teacher’s guides and mini-books accompany whiteboard CD-ROMs to fully support teachers and maximize learning potential for students. � SAVE BIG when you buy Interactive Whiteboard Resources volumes! 12 CD-ROMs per volume.

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