Delicious Dishes Recipe Party: Spring Fruit Recipes

Delicious Dishes Recipe Party Spring Fruit Recipes featured photo

It's spring, and I know this because half my house is having seasonal allergies and EVERYTHING in the area is about to explode into buds and blooms. It's marvelous (even the allergies, because it really means spring is HERE!!). I am so ready for fresh fruits and veggies, eating outdoors and all that goes along [...]

Roasted Ranch Chickpeas

Roasted Ranch Chickpeas Recipe from This Mama Loves

Kid #1 is done with meat again. She's gone back to being Vegetarian, and I'm back to thinking a lot about protein sources and keeping her body fueled both for middle school and for gymnastics workouts (sometimes 4 hours in a row). Beans are always my go-to for protein, for all of us, but I [...]

Delicious Dishes Recipe Party: Spring is here!

I see buds on the trees and the grass is turning a vibrant color, no more muddy brown lawns near me. Spring is HERE! Don't forget to add your own recipes to the linky below. We LOVE seeing what you're cooking in your kitchen! Some of our faves from last week: The CUTEST Lemon Tarts [...]

SING Easter Basket Snacks & Treats

SING Themed Easter Ideas

Easter is quickly creeping up on us in the next few weeks, are you ready? I am always grabbing stuff here and there for various holidays and Easter is NO exception. With only a few weeks away I'm lucky to have set aside a few goodies but what my children love most this year is [...]

Tide purclean World Wildlife and Kristen Bell #CleanPledge #TwitterParty

Laundry is a universal task that we all have to contend with.  It doesn't matter who you are or where you live, you have laundry to do. Some of us have more than others, of course, and some have more laundry challenges in their home than others. In my house, I have 2 gymnasts who [...]

RIO’s Blu and Jewel Party Poppers for Easter

Blu and Jewel Craft Idea Easter Poppers from This Mama Loves

This RIO Movie Night & RIO's Blu and Jewel Paper Party Poppers for Easter post is in partnership with Fox Home Entertainment. All opinions are my own. I fell in love with Blu and Jewel back in 2011 when we first saw RIO in the theater. A comedy-adventure about a rare colorful macaw who acts [...]

Delicious Dishes Recipe Party: Cute Easter Treats Recipes

Cute Easter Treats Recipes from This Mama Loves

I just realized that not only is next week leading up to Easter, but also school vacation week. I am not ready. I need another week before either event happens. At least we have our Easter menu ready. Ham, overnight French Toast casserole, glazed carrots, and some kind of yummy potato something. The basics are [...]

Bunny Salad aka White Rabbit Salad (Just in time for Easter!)

Bunny Salad aka White Rabbit Salad for Easter from This Mama Loves

White Rabbit Salad aka "Bunny Salad" My friend Jenni grew up in the midwest.  Since knowing her, I've been introduced to so many yummy recipes that quickly became family favorites since we met 8 years ago. Amazing what some miles do for the typical foods eaten at gatherings! Anyway, one of the recipes that I [...]

Favorite Easter Recipes: Delicious Dishes Recipe Party

Favorite Easter Recipes: Delicious Dishes Recipe Party

How did we already get to March 27th? The past week is a blur for many reasons, but whoa. Easter is sneaking up on us, you guys.  Also, tax day as well. Since taxes aren't fun to discuss, at least for me, let's just focus on yummy foods to enjoy with friends and family this [...]

Easy Two Cheese Quesadillas

Simple Two Cheese Quesadilla Recipe from This Mama Loves

Having trouble mixing things up for school and work lunches? I am. The kids and I are so tired of making and eating the same lunch things after 6 months of school. We are all wanting new flavors, and variety. The same old stuff can be made new with some simple flavor swaps or additions! [...]