College Survival Kit Care Package

College survival kit care package

I remember my college days as some of the best years of my life. I loved venturing out on my own, discovering a new sense of independence and meeting new people. But I went to school far away from home, and I admit – there were times that I felt a little homesick. (This is [...]

Apple Cinnamon Gluten Free Cereal Bars

gluten free cereal bars label

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gluten- Free Cheerios, all opinions are my own. I have been trying to cut out gluten for my family and myself- if you are gluten free you know how hard it is, that stuff is in everything!  It is especially hard to find treats [...]

Cinnamon Raisin Cookie Breakfast Bowl


If you are looking for a new fun breakfast idea that satisfies your sweet tooth, adds fiber, and  flavor to your morning, look no further.  Using the Friendship Superfood Generator I threw together this yummy Cinnamon Raisin Cookie Breakfast Bowl.  The Superfood Generator is easy to use. You can create a recipe from their suggestions [...]

Let’s Color Together with Gymboree + Giveaway

Let's Color Together with Gymboree

The oldest of our little boys is getting ready to start school.  I can hardly believe that he is old enough for head start.  Where does the time go?  I know he’s ready to go though even if I’m a little nervous about sending him off. Thanks to Gymboree for sponsoring today's post with some [...]

I’m not doing ok today.

I can't "be ok" today. It's not happening. Grief is bubbling out of me like a fountain today and I cannot fight it.  It needs to flow. The reality that both my parents are gone is just overwhelming me. The reality and the pain. The heartbreak. It sucks. My dad died on April 12. I [...]

Skillet Meatball Stew


I was talking to my sister a few weeks ago and sharing my feelings (whining)about our end of summer meal rut. It happens every year, but usually if I say something to her, she'll remember something she made when her kids were younger and be like "oh hey! my kids used to love...." and then [...]

Milkwise: Coming to dairy shelves near you


Growing up, we had whole milk.  I drank it because my parents told me to, but it was always kind of too thick for my liking. Then I went to overnight camp, and they only served skim milk.  Which was like white water, and I despised it.  But, again, the adults in charge said to [...]

New Beginnings, Clean Shave


This is a guest post today from my friend Lolli at BetterinBulk.  Today marks the first day of a new school year for us. It's hard to believe that my oldest daughter is beginning her second year of college today. It seems like yesterday that I was walking her to the elementary school across the [...]

Get Kids Out to Play


I grew up outside- probably one of the last 'generations' to do so.  Most of my childhood memories are with neighborhood kids, climbing trees (I always went higher when I got scared and couldn't get down), playing in the old coal bin, and making forts in the forsythia shrubs that seemed to be in mass quantity [...]