The Value of Berries and Other Items in Pokemon Go part 2 - This Mama Loves

The Value of Berries and Other Items in Pokemon Go – PART 2

Why should you play Pokemon Go? There are a surprising number of benefits to playing this game that's sweeping the nation!   Having a grand time playing the Pokemon Go app yet? If you haven’t already tried this amazing free game app available on most Android and IOS portable devices, you’ve got to get crackin’ [...]

Blueberry Coffee Cake

Blueberry Coffee Cake Recipe- This Mama Loves

This blueberry coffee cakee is delightful and delicious.  You can substitute other berries if you want but we always go back to the blueberries.  We use ones we pick in our yard!! This is a great dish for potlucks or brunches, too.  Can be made ahead but there's something over the top wonderful about having [...]

Homemade Reusable Sandwich Bags

Homemade Reusable Sandwich Bags- This Mama Loves

When my second daughter was born, I met a woman who was what we would have called a "tree hugger" You know the kind...the people who are always talking about what is best for our planet, how we are killing our Mother Earth and how living a greener life was "THE" way to live. At [...]

Using Credit Card Rewards to Pay for Travel

Using credit card rewards to pay for travel- This Mama Loves blog

This post about using credit card rewards to pay for travel is part of a partnership with American Express and Hilton HHonors.  I’ve been a stay-at-home parent since our oldest was born almost 11 years ago. The first several years, I wasn’t working, so there wasn’t extra income for vacations. Any points or rewards earned from [...]

Potty Training Children Close in Age

Potty Training Children Close in Age- This Mama Loves

This post is sponsored by Pull-Ups® Training Pants. All opinions are my own. Over the course of the last 60 days our Wee 3 (as we call them) have turned 2, 3, and 4.  It’s been a fun and an exhausting few months of birthdays which of course followed the major holidays.  Many people ask [...]

Family Mottos and Traditions to Keep Us Close

Family Mottos and Traditions to Keep Us Close

I came from a big family and I have a big family.  My mom and dad had five children - I'm the youngest with two sisters and two brothers, the closest in age is 5 years older than me and the oldest is 20 years older.  Between my husband and I we have 7 children, [...]

DIY Patriotic Rag Wreath Craft

DIY Patriotic Rag Wreath Craft from This Mama Loves

Here's a pretty simple (and pretty sweet) rag wreath you can do for any holiday or occasion. It's definitely an all level craft, which I love, and you can do it while watching TV or chatting with friends. If you're lucky, you may have some fabric that'll work with your theme laying around the house, [...]

Delicious Dishes Recipes Link Party #23

delicious dishes 22

  We are in the final days of school here and things are crazy hectic. Why do so many things happen in the last 2 weeks of school? Projects, presentations, awards assemblies, tryouts for fall sports, end of year shows...the list goes on and on and on... and we had such a rainy spring this [...]

Personalizing Graduation Gifts #CapturedCreations


Graduation is a really BIG deal no matter how young or old you are.  This year is my 20 Year High School Reunion and I remember graduation day like it was yesterday.  It was a huge deal for me and I have carried those special memories and mementos from that day with me for all [...]

Double Chocolate Mocha Brownies


This double chocolate mocha brownies recipe is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Folgers. All opinions are 100% mine. I truly believe there is no such thing as too much coffee and you will not convince me otherwise.  If I am not sipping it hot in the morning, then it goes into [...]