Notebook Paper Little Debbie Treats- This Mama Loves

Notebook Paper Little Debbie Treats

I love Little Debbie snack cakes and so do my kids. Whenever we are at the store, they ask for a box and sometimes I let them grab a box or two as a treat for after school or I sneak one into their lunch without them knowing. I know their eyes light up at [...]

Everyday Olympic Moments


The Olympics are coming- the trials have begun and athletes all over the world are training for the biggest competitions of their lives. Every single Olympic Games promises special moments- Olympic moments. The best of the best from countries all over the globe joined together for a few short weeks in one place to celebrate [...]

Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program Progress

jenny craig progress 5 weeks

I was provided a free trial Jenny Craig program and meals. However, the opinions expressed are entirely my own. I just completed week five of Jenny Craig. First of all, how did that go by so fast? I'm serious! I was kind of expecting the days to be long and drag by, thinking about food [...]

12 Pokemon GO! Activities, Snacks, & DIY’s You Gotta Catch!

pokemon craft collage

Pokemon has been around for years, but suddenly with the release of Pokemon Go it has become bigger than ever. My kids (and okay maybe me) have thrown ourselves into the craze. When we can’t be on the app or we just need a change of pace I wanted to have an arsenal of crafts, [...]

Delicious Dishes Recipe Party #27

Delicious Dishes Recipe Party

Did you miss us? We took a break to make a few changes, and now we're back better than ever! We have new hosts that are joining our party this week and we can't wait for you to meet them! This week we're straying from our normal routine of featuring our favorite dishes from the last [...]

Chicken Pesto Grilled Cheese

Chicken Pesto Grilled Cheese Recipe- This Mama Loves

Chicken Pesto Grilled Cheese One of my most favorite things to eat for lunch is grilled cheese.  Like, I get excited for it. There's just something about the melty cheese and toasted bread that makes my tastebuds happy.  My husband? Not a fan.  My girls? They love it more than me.  It's nice to have [...]

Caribou Double Chocolate Mocha Iced Coffee Pops

Double Chocolate Mocha Iced Coffee Pops- This Mama Loves

This double chocolate mocha iced coffee pops recipe is brought to you by our friends at Caribou Coffee.  Opinions are my own. Coffee and I have a long history. I loved the idea of it for many years and then I fell in love with it...and iced has always been one of my favorite ways [...]

#PetcoGrooming: Brownie’s First Grooming Experience!

First Grooming Experience Petco Grooming - This Mama Loves

We've never had Brownie groomed before. Tobey wasn't ever groomed, so it just never occurred to us, I suppose. But Brownie's fur and hair are very different from Tobey's, and with her beard on her snout, we realized we may need to take some visits to the groomer.  Last week, the girls and I took [...]

Traveling with Potty Training Toddlers

Traveling with Potty Training Toddlers

This post is sponsored by Pull-Ups® Training Pants. All opinions are my own. Summer is finally here and for us that means a lot of traveling. We have had the calendar scheduled full of camping trips since the beginning of March, when we bought our vintage camper, and we have a long week planned in The Smokey [...]

Allergy Friendly Bedroom Makeover

Allergy Friendly Bedroom Makeover from This Mama Loves

Allergy Friendly Bedroom Makeover Recently I was invited to attend a webinar with AllerEase and Dr. Neeta Ogden, an allergy specialist, to learn about allergy friendly bedroom makeovers. Many, if not all of us, have some kind of allergies at some point in time, or at least some symptoms relating from allergens.  Yes, there are [...]

Support Local Shelters with Paw Points

Support Local Shelters with Paw Points - This Mama Loves

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fresh Step® Litter. Our pets are all adopted from either shelters or rescues. My husband's first cat was tossed in a dumpster, with her whole litter, as teeny tiny kittens. Tobey, Brownie Buttons, Sunshine, Rosabeth (Rosie) and Lloyd were all adopted from local shelters [...]