Udi’s Gluten Free Products (Giveaway)

My friend’s 5 year old daughter was recently told that due to food sensitivities and allergies, she needs to be eating gluten and dairy free.  Her sister who is just 18 months older than she is does not have any issues with dairy or gluten and this presented a whole new set of challenges for my friends.  Knowing there are more and more people every day who need to start eating a gluten free diet, I wanted to help my friends be able to discover some new and delicious gluten free products and also help share their experiences so that perhaps one of my readers will benefit as well.  There are so many more options available now than there were even 5 years ago for gluten free foods, but many of those options simply don’t taste great or are very very expensive.  (Yes, I have heard the argument that you cannot put a price on your health, but for the majority of people I know, budget restrictions are very real and can be very prohibitive).   Today I’m going to share with you about Udi’s Gluten Free Foods. [click to continue…]