Beam Central Vaccuum Systems

When we bought this house, it already had a central vac unit installed.  When I say central vac, I mean an archaic version, with a well-used hose that barely had covering left, and a power unit that had long since lost its “power.”  When the unit finally died, I was all “honey! let’s patch the holes in the wall from the central vac and never have it again!!” and even tried some other vaccuums.  Then one day, we stumbled upon some reviews when looking at other home-related stuff on…and discovered Beam Central Vaccuum Systems.  Intrigued, I dug a little deeper.  Turns out, things have changed since 1970 when our central vac was installed (yes, I am serious, and yes we did check the date….the original owner’s manual had an image that would leave no question that the year in question was circa 1970).  I had to check more into the Beam, because I kept seeing as I researched just how good central vac units are for folks with allergies, and decreasing dust in the house.  The dust doesn’t recirculate like it does with other kinds of vacuums.  Prevention is an awesome thing. I decided to send an email and see if they’d let me give a Beam unit a test drive, and share my thoughts with you all.

Beam power UnitA few weeks later, several boxes arrived.  A “Power Unit” made to power a large one story house or a smaller multi-level home.  We fit the second description.  Interestingly, when my husband went to install the power unit, we discovered that while the inner workings of the unit were drastically different, the outer design hadn’t changed at all in 30 years.  That, or the industry has design standards that insist on inlet and outlet positions being where they were in 1970.  He was over the moon delighted to find that the new unit not only worked with the current fittings we had- but lined up exactly.  LUCKY US!! (And by “us” we all know I mean “him” because while I’m kind of handy with a screwdriver, I’m not much for installation of important things.  I’m more of a bring a beer down and give some atta boys kind of girl).   [click to continue…]