Back to School: BusyBodyBook Planner & Wall Calendar (Giveaway)

BusyBodyBook Weekly GRID planners are every mom’s go-to time management tool for controlling the chaos of her family’s multiple and hectic schedules.

I got to review this planner last year, and LOVED it, so when Joan offered me a new planner for this year, well, I jumped at the chance.  I LOVE these planners.  Space to write all of what you need to write and more space to write notes and stuff down!  The grid format makes it super easy even for the little kids who don’t read to know if they have something “special” on the planner or calendar because they know where their stuff is on the grid- or what color I write their things down on (I give each of us a color on the calendar and planner- started that when I was a live in nanny for 5 kids- had to organize somehow!!).  Its so easy to see and USE- I won’t go back to other planners again!! Plus, the designs on the outside are cool.  That’s an added bonus. [click to continue…]

FREE Wall Calendar! Pay $5.67 to ship!

I think the coolest feature  of the photo calendar is that you can start it anytime you want- I always want a new calendar with a new school year, so the timing is perfect. Also a great time to get started on holiday gifts!

FREE Wall Calendar or 3 for the price of 1!!

Boy is Vistaprint being kind to us this week!!  All the “camp” freebies and these calendars-  what a great gift to make for just about anyone- and so fun!!  $15.99 for THREE Or 1 for $0!! (Plus ship)

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