FiberChoice® is encouraging ‘Choices for Better Health’

I’ve shared with you before how important fiber is in our diets- having learned this the hard way, I think its important to talk about and educate ourselves on not so fun topics like having enough fiber for our diets.   I think that many of us cringe when we hear “fiber” because we think of the nasty, gritty stuff our grandparents used to try to stir into water- but really, eating healthy foods and including foods in your daily meals that are naturally high in fiber are great ways to be sure to get enough fiber- and the supplements available to us in modern times are lightyears ahead of what was around when my poor grandparents were doing fiber supplements.  (The very thought of those canisters makes me shudder.  Oh, the textural nightmare!!)  Supplements today come in so many forms, and often have extra vitamins added in (like calcium- which is something I look for, because osteoperosis runs in my family) and they come in chewables, and powders that really do actually dissolve in water- and tolerable flavors.  Maybe not scrumptious flavors, but at least tolerable, and sometimes pretty good!!

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