Sleepwear.  With kids, you need many sets of pajamas for kids to sleep in.  Warm weather, cool weather- if you are like us and you keep your house on the cooler side, you want more sets of warm pajamas, especially footed pajamas and fleece sets.  In warmer climates, you’d want more cotton, more tank top sets.  Whatever kind you need to have, chances are, your kids have their own ideas of what kind of pajamas they sleep in.  I’m not big into buying clothing with characters on them- but my kids know that with pajamas, anything goes.  We’ve had some crazy and fun pajamas in this house and I would expect we’ll have many, many more!!  Why NOT have some fun with sleepwear?  Its worn for almost half a day… offers pajamas, nightgowns, bathrobes, footed pajamas, character pj’s, cotton sets, superhero sets, and so much more.  All offered in a range of sizes for boys and girls, from infant through size 10 kids.  They’ve got the popular characters, some literary characters, more classic styles, all in choices for warm and cold climates.  [click to continue…]

Great deals on kids pajamas at Totsy!

I don’t know about you, but for some reason it seems like my kids ALWAYS need pajamas and as a mom, I love adorable jamas!! So I am loving this sale!

Right now, Totsy has Little Me Sleepwear 53% off! Most items start at around $11 and they have a wide variety of styles and themes!

Remember, Totsy is always FREE to sign up and your first order has free shipping! Plus refer a friend and get $10, making your pair of jammies a money maker!!

Thanks, MomonDealz!