Katie’s Charms Pandora Style Mother’s Bracelet (Giveaway)

Jennifer from Katie’s Charms sent me this gorgeous Mother’s Bracelet. I think I’m becoming semi-obsessed with mother’s jewelry.

Katie’s Charms makes beautiful Pandora-style beads, charms and starter pieces.  There is a huge variety on the site, the images are large enough that you can see what you are looking at, and really see the details of  a bead you are considering adding to your collection (or someone else’s).  Not sure what to get?  There are starter braceletes, necklaces, and even premade sets all on the site to help you get started.  There are lots of different styles of bracelets and necklaces to put your beads onto, so you’re quite likely to find pieces to suit just about anyone’s tastes.

I like that there are premade bracelets on this site- I think it makes gift giving a lot easier for many, and while adding a single bead on different occasions is definitely something I love and adore (and have a bracelet for) I also  love the ready-to-go idea.  The Nature Girl bracelet is amazing as well- that was my second choice!!    [click to continue…]