The Songs We Share with Someone Special #Troop8x #HTC8

With Valentine’s Day in just over a week, thoughts turn to love, to friendship, romance…family, friends…spouses.  All normal.  I don’t know about you but so many of the important people in my life are so intertwined with songs to me that I can’t hear the song without thinking of them, or see them without the song.  So lucky for you, I’m sharing a Playlist of my Loved Ones, so to speak…..

You may remember me sharing how “Because you loved me” is all for my dad.  It always will be.  I’m his voice now.  I have to be, because Alzheimer’s has robbed him of that.

me and dad

My friend Missy- Cabin 13 at Camp Nokomis- belting out “On My Own” from Les Mis…or …(sorry Missy) the song from Days of Our Lives…”We don’t have to be one or the other….”

Ann, my oldest friend- the B-52’s “Love Shack” will never ever not make me smile!

My mom- With mom, it’s anything Anne Murray, Josh Groban, or Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler” which I know sounds like a weird mix but I’ll never hear those songs without thinking of her.  Many cry when they hear The Gambler, I just cry for a different reason….

Renee, my roommate freshman year of college- Gin Blossom’s “Two Princes” makes me smile every time I hear it!

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s Somewhere Over the Rainbow  is so beautiful, so poignant, and brings me to tears each and every time I hear it.  It makes me think of my wonderful friends who have angel babies up in heaven- and I think of the love each inspired during their short times on earth- Emery Amelia, Jamie Lynn and Monir.

An old high school friend Mandy- “I Like Big Butts” is a song that makes me smile because I think of her.

It’s funny- I’m so sentimental, and so sappy, but not all of my songs are that mean the most!

I think maybe I should use some of these as ring tones for the people associated with them, don’t you?  What songs are on your “special someone” playlist?

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Beamz is a wonderful gift for any music lover in your life! FOUR special offers inside!

beamz light up someones holiday with musicA few years ago we were fortunate enough to be introduced to the interactive musical experience that is called the Beamz laser music player. There are literally hundreds of instruments, sound effects and songs that you can play around with for a different musical experience every single time you use the machine. We’ve all heard and seen what experts say about music enriching lives- and the Beamz player is designed so that anyone of any age can use it and create musical masterpieces. This may be the perfect family gift! You can use it alone or at a party- or at a more intimate party for two. There are so many different options and ways to create with the Beamz player that you might even say it’s limitless- and when those options “run out” for you, there are more to be found on the Beamz site.This is truly a one size fits all gift– it works for all ages, genders and abilities, and can work great for just one person and just as well for one hundred people.

The Beamz player can be enjoyed at home and with friends, but it can also be used in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, rehabilitation centers, and more. Having a father who lives in an Alzheimer’s unit, I can tell you firsthand that he and his fellow residents could benefit immensely from having a Beamz player around- you don’t have to remember much to use it- and even if you aren’t the one orchestrating, you can simply enjoy the sounds and lights someone else is creating. I think there are many, many other groups of people who can benefit from a device like this.

With the Beamz, there is music grouped by category and genre, so you can be sure to have something you like to play with. The music library appears to be growing on a regular basis, so you don’t have to worry about running out of options.

beamz holiday save 10 percent

Right now you can save 10% on the Beamz player using code HB10 until 12/17/12. There are also 4 special deals on the Beamz player right nowto maximize your savings-for instance, you can get a Beamz Player Laser Controller & Virtual DJ Home for just $99.99 (down from $149.99) less the 10% coupon…your total would be $99.90. (Shipping is $9.95, so you are basically getting free shipping with this unit). That’s not a bad price for a gift that will entertain the whole family for a very long time to come!

Don’t just listen to music…Experience it by playing light!

Beamz is an innovative gift that enables anyone to experience the fun of making music by touching laser beams and playing light. Interactive songs from all music styles and genres are setup and ready to play, regardless of experience with traditional instruments.

Beamz lets you join the band, be the band, be a conductor, and even have DJ-like experiences by interacting with hundreds of different instruments, sound effects and songs.


“Talenti Talent Search” Video Contest

talentiTalenti Gelato e Sorbetto is having a really fun contest to see how Talenti brings music into your life- all you have to do to enter is use Talenti containers to show off your greatest talent, and enter for a chance to win 52 free pints of Talenti Gelato!   Time to switch into creative mode, friends!!

Now, you can be serious, and you can be fun, but I know that if you’ve tasted the delightful, wonderfulness that is Talenti, you will want to find your muse and get the video camera rolling!  You could be the lucky winner of 52 pints of creamy, delicious Talenti Gelato e Sorbetto!

This is  a simple contest- incorporate music and Talenti containers in a video together.  If you enter, I want to SEE!!  Share your video with me, too!!  Check out the Talenti-produced video, “Talenti Gelato Makes Music” for some inspiration… [click to continue…]

Glee: The Concert Movie BluRay #Giveaway

Here we are in 2012, and I have my first (of many I’m sure) confession. I’ve never seen GLEE.

I know, I know. It’s like you don’t even know me.  I mean, how can it be true?

I love music, I love drama-comedy shows, so what gives?

I’m afraid to get hooked on another show.  That’s it.  Glee, I apologize.  I have no other reason.  I think I’ll love you too much and will find something else to avoid housework.

Well, maybe I should amend that original confession a tiny bit.  I’d never seeN Glee, up until I got this DVD.  While the music and concert were enjoyable, I think I’d enjoy it more having more background for the show.  So………….. who wants to help me?  (You will want to anyway, when you get to the giveaway part).

Glee: The Concert Movie came out December 20th, and I’m sure “Gleeks” everywhere were excited for the release as I would be.  But what sticks out to me most about this for Blu-Ray viewers  is that by using the  Shazam® app to tag the movie, they can unlock extra content.  Um, coolness?   (We don’t have the BluRay because we’re stuck way back in 2011 still and only have DVD players in our house still).  As if Gleeks didn’t have enough to love about Glee.  Now they can interact and get more cool stuff.  Discounts.  Features.  Freebies.  Smart marketing move- and cool for fans!!  (Happily, the Shazam app is not limited to android or iTunes- its available for lots of smartphones- yay!!) [click to continue…]

Chicken Joe Forgets Something Important (Giveaway)

Fun songs, engaging characters, silly names, themes of friendship and a whole lot of silly make for a GREAT package in Chicken Joe Forgets Something Important Book and CD combo!  This was an instant hit with all three kids- and passed the reading aloud test with Mr. Bargains.  The stars were aligned when this book and cd were created.  The humor speaks to all ages and its really just plain fun to read the story aloud or listen to the music in the car!!  Its hard to not want to find out more about Chicken Joe who is actually  a cat!!

Chicken Joe, the cat who sleeps in the hen house, is happily dreaming about rock and roll. A rooster’s raucous crow wakes him up way too early. Everyone on the farm knows today is a special day, but in his sleepy morning haze, Chicken Joe can’t remember just what it is. Even Joe’s best friend, a city dog named Miss Kitty, won’t tell him. Find out why this is Chicken Joe’s big day in Chicken Joe Forgets Something Important, the latest book-and-CD release from The Secret Mountain (September 6, 2011).   [click to continue…]

Let’s Rock! Elmo (Giveaway)

Let’s Rock! Elmo may very well be one of *the* hot toys for the preschool crowd this year.  It’s got the components that kids love- you can play with it, sing with it, dance with it, and interacts with them.  Music, technology and entertainment in an adorable, furry red package.  The black tshirt Elmo’s wearing helps him look the rock star part for sure!  I love that Elmo interacts with the other instruments in the LET’S ROCK line- offering the juice box crowd a way to form a friendly (and age appropriate) little rock band of their own. 

My kids love music, they love technology and they LOVE to sing and dance so I had to jump at the chance to check out this new Elmo- and I’m so glad I did!  He’s so cool, and so much fun- plus, even though he’s a cool rock star, Elmo stays true to his roots- he remembers to say please and thank you when asking for and receiving his instruments.  The songs he sings are also very appropriate (including Elmo’s World).  

One thing that immediately stuck out to me is that Elmo really does interact with the instruments.  He shakes the tambourine, lifts the mic to his mouth, sometimes even when humming, and pounds on the drums with his arm- sometimes both arms.  Sometimes “interactive” toys don’t necessarily work properly- but as you can see in this video, which I had to do when the kids were alseep (because I can’t get a minute alone with Elmo to let him do his thing to show you all!!) down in the basement…but you can see just how much he interacts with the drums, the tambourine and the microphone that come along in the box with Let’s Rock! Elmo.

[click to continue…]

Duckle Dance Sweepstakes by Capezio & Wisharoo Park ($100 ARV Giveaway)


Hey Moms, Dads, Gramas, Grampas, Aunts, Uncles, babysitters- Let’s get moving!!!  Get your kids boogie down and dancing to the Duckle Dance beat and enter them in the Duckle Dance Sweepstakes Presented by Capezio and Wisharoo Park.

To enter-  simply video your preschool kids doing the Duckle Dance and then enter those videos via downloads to their facebook or YouTube accounts for a chance to win one of twenty Capezio and Wisharoo Prize packages or one of five $500 Dance Scholarships!

To kick-off the promotion, Wisharoo Park and Capezio premiered its inaugural Duckle Dance promotional video, featuring favorite Wisharoo Park characters Ranger Rosey and DanDan and Della Duckle dancing along with real life kids, at the newly launched multimedia [click to continue…]

Kids Summer Fun: Paper Jamz *new* Pro Series Mic (Giveaway)

Paper Jamz has new Pro Series Mics out and they are so much fun! I don’t know about you, but I *AM* a rockstar…at least when I’m driving in the car or in the shower.  Perfect tone, perfect tune, perfect pitch…so long as no one else is around.  That’s why I like the Pro Series Mic so much- it kind of makes me sound all kinds of awesome, and not just when no one  is around to hear me.  I can sound like a rock star with the touch of a button.  How fun is that?  My kids of course, have been rocking out like crazy, although not with clothing on so I haven’t gotten a good video (but I will share when I do!!).  I don’t know why they like to rock out and have dance parties in their underwear, but they do.

 Pro Series Microphones use real-time, cutting-edge technology called Perfect Pitch™ , which allows kids (and adults!) of all ages to sing with rockstar-quality vocals. Now you can so you can sing along effortlessly with your favorite band!

Unlike other Paper Jamz products that let users make music with a touch enabled-print, the Pro Microphone is a real mic, which comes included with a small 4×2 inch box to be worn on your belt. The box acts as both an amplifier and tuner, and uses pitch detection to transform the quality of your voice as you sing, with five different modes: Solo/Duet, Auto Harmony, Auto Vibrato, Chorus, and Auto. Once you’re done rocking out, simply connect the box to your computer and use the Paper Jamz to load the box with more of your favorite music from iTunes for continued play. Additionally, the Paper Jamz website has hundreds (soon to be thousands!) of songs to download, too! [click to continue…]

The Essential Dean Martin & BIG Dean Martin Prize Pack Giveaway (Don’t Forget Dad!)

A famed star of the silver screen, television icon, Grammy® Award-winning singing sensation and member of the renowned “Rat Pack,” Dean Martin’s show business legacy is legendary. His musical career features such classics as “Ain’t That A Kick In The Head,” “That’s Amore,” “Mambo Italiano,” “Everybody Loves Somebody,” “Sway,” “Volare,” and more, releasing dozens of album recordings over his lifetime. Starring in dozens of well-known movies including Ocean’s Eleven, Rio Bravo, The Caddy, and Who Was That Lady? – for which Martin received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor, coupled with a highly popular television career – Dean Martin certainly earned his nickname as the “King of Cool.”  Visit and his official Facebook and Twitter accounts for more information.

I didn’t get into Rat Pack music until I was in my 20’s, and even then not too much- its only been in more recent years that I find myself drawn to artists like Dean Martin- perhaps its the movies I’m into watching, that often have music from this time period, or perhaps I’m just mellowing with age (like wine.  Wine gets better, right?  So yea, I’m mellowing)…there’s just something so cool, so fun about listening to these classic tunes while driving (or cleaning. I like to dance while I clean).  [click to continue…]