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Brett Martin This Mama Loves Her BargainsI’m Brett, aka Queen B, and I’m the owner and editor of This Mama Loves Her Bargains. A full time stay home mom to three kids ages 2, 4 and 6, I am also a (very) part time wedding photographer and co-leader for my daughter’s Daisy scout troop. I love saving money, doing crafts and finding great new (easy) recipes. I have a mad love for all things pink, sparkly, and, well, if something is pink and sparkly, I probably have two of them. I am a huge Disney fan and am anxiously waiting until we can take our family to Disney World and Disney Land!!



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My name is Jenni and I feel so fortunate to be able to stay home with my three, yes THREE boys.  They keep me endlessly on my toes and entertained.  In my life before kids I earned a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, a career that I will eventually return to.  For now my passions include:  photography, blogging, cooking, crafting and cloth diapering.  I’m loving this time with my little ones and cherish each and every day!


GayleGayle is a mom, wife, teacher, Etsy shop owner, plant-based foodie and of course a writer and reviewer for MamaLovesHerBargains.  Brett and I met online when we were both planning our weddings.  Here we are years later, married with kids and still chatting online.  I love to review useful products for my home and cookbooks. My son loves to review toys and video games.  When I am not online I am at work as a special education teacher, in my garden, in the kitchen, reading or taking my son to his extracurricular activities.

Mama Loves Her Bargains contributorsRobin is a mother to Savannah Rose (born 7/19/10) and Arabella Sofia (born 11/10/11).  She resides in Putnam, CT with her husband, children and 3 rescue dogs.  Prior to becoming a stay-at-home mom, Robin spent 10+ years in the healthcare field as a health educator and counselor.  Since becoming a mom, she began her online blog, Inspired by Savannah, as well as became a mom entrepreneur with her invention, the SoothEaze blanket.  When she is not blogging, working on her business, or spending her days with her daughters, she enjoys cooking, traveling, watching movies or reading a good book.