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I have three kids who attend public school.  I have three kids who, like it or not, have the internet as part of their education.  The internet is here to stay.  It’s not going anywhere.  That said, when children are on the internet, it becomes a much scarier place than when we adults are on it.  Most places don’t just have a web page. There are advertisements that take many forms wherever you turn online, and THAT is something I don’t want my kids to see all the time.


They are innundated around the clock, through each calendar year with advertising.  School is supposed to be where they learn and expand their minds, not get exposed to more advertising. I can take measures at home to limit what advertising they are exposed to. I cannot take measures to limit or restrict at school- or at least, I haven’t until now.  Bing in the Classroom removes ads and blocks searches from being used for personalized advertising for all Bing searches done through the school’s network, making Bing the only major search engine to provide a search offering tailored specifically for the classroom.


Now, I have mad love for Bing and have for a year now. I am not looking back. The fact that they are making ad free searches available to all schools and are even letting people earn free Surface Tablets for their local schools simply by using Bing to search is AMAZING. I puffy heart Bing.

And the puffy heart love grows again.


Anyone can earn credits just by searching the web with Bing—similar to a frequent flyer program. Credits can be donated to help get free Microsoft Surface tablets for schools. It’s easy! All you have to do is stay signed in as you search with Bing. . You can search for any school by ZIP code and see how many other people are contributing, how many Surface tablets the school has earned so far, and how many credits are needed to earn the next Surface. They’ll  also tell you if the school is registered for the search enhancements, so you can know if your kids are receiving ad-free, safer, more private search in the classroom when they choose Bing.

So without spending a dime, we can support our schools.  I search at least 20 times per day. Most of us search daily. Why not support a local school?  Or choose a school in a community that is in a very depressed area? This is a win-win.  Educated kids means a smarter generation to enter the work force.  We cannot do without them.

To begin supporting schools with Bing rewards, simply visit the campaign landing page and select “Find your school” map in the lower right corner of the page.

Next, enter your school’s zip code and select the name of your school via the dropdown menu and select “Find”.

From here, select the “Support Your School” section and click on the “Try it now, FREE!” section. You’ll be prompted to create a Microsoft account, or sign in with your Facebook account. All you have to do is stay signed in as you search with Bing to earn credits.




Many thanks to Bing for sponsoring today’s post, and inspiring me to share about their #adfreesearch classroom initiative.


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