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>We have a new baby doll friend in our house.  “His” name is…Baby GoGo.  For a few brief hours he was also known as “Billy” but little man has decided that Baby GoGo is the name.  If you have not yet heard of the Baby GoGo doll, you soon will.  They’ve taken a traditional baby doll and done some awesome- and neutral- updates!!

Baby GoGo comes dressed in a bright colored orange and white striped sleep n play and a hat.  In our house, we refer to Baby GoGo as “he” but really, its a neutral doll- the skin tone is a bit darker than most dolls are, and it has brown eyes that open and shut.  The doll set also comes with a book called Baby GoGo goes home, a story about the baby going home from the hospital to meet new siblings.

In my opinion this doll, and the concept behind it, is awesome.  I love that the colors are more neutral (and modern!) from the skin tone to the clothes and in between.   The clothes and accessories look a lot more modern and up to date than baby doll products when I was little.  There are accessories to go with the doll- a cute canvas diaper tote (turquoise, and orange with some white) that I love, love love.  Its sturdy.  Sturdy like the kids have put trucks, cars, boats, babies, their little sister and its holding up.  Often times the diaper bags that you can get for a baby doll are just flimsy and not well made.  In this house, toys get PLAYED with…not looked at.  We don’t play lightly around here, and I like having sturdy toys that will be around a while.  Baby GoGo has definitely met my standards so far!

A bonus?  The packaging for Baby GoGo is recyclable.  Yay!

 One thing my little guy loves is that his baby will close his eyes when he brings him to sleep – his beloved baby Jacob doesn’t have eyes that close but big sister’s dolls do…I love it too, although I can hear when the baby’s eyes close and that’s a little weird to me but I’m probably the only person who’d even notice it.

This doll is a sure-hit, for a birthday, holiday, or new sibling arrival.  I can see on the website that there is a moses basket coming out soon- I can only hope that there are a few more outfits and accessories following behind.  This doll and the items that come with it, and that are sold separately, are good quality, and fun, bright, modern colors and style.

This doll is a hit with all 3 of my kids (Ages 5, 3 and 1) although my 3 year old has claimed it for his own.  Here’s Baby B loving Baby GoGo

And my little guy dancing with Baby GoGo in a carrier on his back:

Tuckered out from a busy morning at preschool

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I was provided with a sample of this product to facilitate my review.  Opinions expressed within are my own.

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