Back to School- Do you still use Grills and Smokers after summer ends?

I love using our grill.  Barbeque.  Whatever you call it, I love me some freshly grilled anything.  Just last night, I marinated chicken and veggies in light italian dressing and garlic (a recipe I found on via our friend Jonny) and made kebabs alternating the chicken and chunks of pineapple.  Oh, my stars.  Yummy.   We do tend to grill a LOT more fresh veggies, and even fruits on occasion, in the summer months, but we do grill year round here at the Bargains household.  Poor Mr. Bargains has even had to stand outside in sleet to grill our dinners (I have a knack for setting the grill on FIRE).  I love the whole idea of grilling- there’s something fun, relaxing- casual about it.

Sadly, but typical for our luck, we’ve not had the best luck with the grills we’ve purchased.  We’ve tried so many brands but they all seem to just break within a few years.  I have heard that Weber Gas Grills are a good quality (huh.  Jonny, mentioned above, he’s a great cook and he JUST got one of these on this summer!! Coincidence?)  Maybe that’ll be our next grill purchase- but our current grill isn’t broken nor falling apart (knock wood).   I LOVE this copper colored one!

Before we make a new grill purchase, and something I’ve always wanted, is one of those Brinkman smokers- my parents had one at the lakehouse and I love the whole idea of it.  Plus, you can smoke something outside and not make your entire house smell like its, well, a smokehouse.  I bet my husband could smoke his bluefish in one without making me be bothered at all! 

Perhaps one day we will even be camping and have use for an outdoor camp oven- you’d think we’d have had one at the lakehouse since we had no electricity but we did have propane and we had a generator!    Maybe we’ll become campers and have one of those camp stoves- we’ll see.  For now, I’ll enjoy the memories of the lakehouse smoker, and enjoy grilling at my own house. 

Maybe next year we’ll work on that smoker.  Or a camp oven.  But that opens a can of worms about me, sleeping in a tent, outside. 


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