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I have a relative who gets me a gift certificate to a certain store known for its lingerie for the holidays every year. Its such a sweet gesture- but it isn’t a brand I really wear, and I’m always left wondering, what do I DO with this gift card? For a while I was honestly getting too large to fit into their intimates, but I can fit them now- I’ve just fallen out of the habit of going there. I am always faced with the question of what to do with the gift card. Do I just go try to find something with it, in all likelihood with all three of my little angelic darlings in tow…or do I try to pass it on, or sell it or swap it for a place I would be more likely to use it??

Had I known about sooner, I’d know it was a place where you can sell gift cards and get up to 92% of the value back. You can also purchase discount gift cards for up to 35% off of their retail value. Sure, we’d love to all get 100% of value when we sell, but that’s not always ideal, and I’d rather have a tiny bit less to spend and have money to spend someplace I am likely to spend it, than have larger amounts of money to spend in places I don’t really go to. has been featured on many networks including CNN, Fox News, CBS, NBC, ABC and more. That has me thinking, this could be something great. Say goodbye to the gift cards you don’t want and hello to ones you do- like Target gift cards, itunes gift cards, your favorite jeans store, restaurant, and tons more. They show you right on the site how many are available to buy. What a great idea (and why did I not think of it???)
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