Cars 2 Merchandise…

See this?  This is a photo one of the other bloggers took of the goodies we received upon checking in at our hotel in LA.  Toys.  Tattoos.  Stickers.  CDs.

Here’s my guy in the costume, which is sized at 7-8 years.  He’s not yet 4, 35lbs, and this is long on him but not super big.  (It runs small) Isn’t it adorable?

VTech’s Lightning McQueen Learning Laptop

Which is geared for ages 4-7 but honestly, all three of my kids enjoy it.  The littlest one just likes to push the buttons and hear the sounds, she, like her mama, loves Mater’s voice.  The older 2 kids really like the games and since there are different levels/games to play, they can each play at their own level.  It also looks JUST like Lightning, although not as long and a good bit wider (there’s a QWERTY keyboard so there has to be room for that).  The mouse is one of the tires- and it stores right on the laptop.  Super cute and super fun, and like all VTech toys my family has tried, great for learning adventures.

Crash ‘Em Mater Which is just cute and fun all at once…

Lights ‘n’ Sounds Holley Shiftwell (She’s a new fave of mine, a strong female presence with super cool gadgets, plus having met Emily Mortimer I love her character more!!)

Cars 2 Mic
I really need to work on a video for this but unfortunately, my children seem to prefer to play with this microphone immediately after bathtime…but its tons of fun and one thing that I like about it (parents…head’s up!) it isn’t too LOUD! It includes sound effects from the movie and its a lot of entertainment in a small package. Also a bit of a different kind of toy for Cars, instead of the vehicles, which is soemthing I liked. My kids are big into music so they were excited about this in particular.

All samples received upon arrival in LA. Opinions expressed within are my own. [ad#glam between posts]

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