Cars Fans!! 60% off Piston Cup Die Cast Cars set is *WILD* today Shop at Home!! As low as $14.99 from $49.50

This set is normally $49.50 at Disney Store.  They are listed for $29.99 on the Disney Store Website today.  BUT

with the code TOY25 you get $7.50 off AND since this is the *WILD* deal, you get an additional $2.50 rebate into your Shop at Home account!  That brings the total down to $19.99 (Tax/Shipping may apply)

If you sign up thru this link, we BOTH get $5 in our accounts- which can actually make this deal $14.99 for you because you’ll get that additional $5 for signup! 

The wild deal is good for 18+ hours from now- its 3:31 pm EST as I type this :o)

Set Includes:
•Lightning McQueen
•Dinoco McQueen
•Winford Bradford Rutherford
•Chick Hicks
•Kevin Shiftright
•Todd ”The Shockster” Marcus
•Dirkson D’Agostino
•Slider Petrolski
•Lee Revkins
•The King[ad#glam between posts]

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