>Cooking with Kids- For Others – Solutions for Your Resolutions (DO MORE…for others)

>Part of my whole “DO MORE” thing for the new year is doing more for others.  I want my kids to grow up understanding that no matter how much or little you have, you should always do for others, especially for those less fortunate than you. 

When I was given the opportunity to choose a recipe to cook with my kids, and then deliver it to someone, I jumped at the chance.  Partly because I knew it would be fun, but also because I felt like it was a great opportunity to start teaching my kids something new about doing for others. 

I’m also inspired- my kids love to make sugar cookies, you know, the ones that make 100 cookies and you roll them out, use cookie cutters, etc?  We never eat them all, but the kids love to make them.  My inspiration is to deliver some of each batch we make to someone else- for no other reason than its nice to share.  I’m kind of excited and motivated to do some cookie baking sooner than later!
Easy-To-Please Chocolate Tarts

1 container (8 oz each) whipped cream cheese

1/2 cup vanilla nonfat yogurt with low-calorie sweetner

3 envelopes (1 oz each) Swiss Miss® Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix

1 pkg (4 oz each) mini graham cracker pie crusts (4 oz pkg = 6 crusts)

Fresh raspberries, optional  (We did strawberries- we had some in the house and my little man and I agreed we thought there should be some hearts on top of the tarts).


Combine cream cheese, yogurt and cocoa mix in medium bowl; blend until smooth.

Portion equal amounts of cream cheese mixture into 6 mini crusts. Cover; chill for at least 2 hours.

Top each tart with Reddi-wip® just before serving. Garnish with raspberries, if desired.  (I cut the strawberries into hearts for our garnish.  Far more fun!)
Here is the end result of our cooking activity.  My three year old was the official mixer and helper, and did a great job (minus the incident when he accidentally learned how Reddi Whip works and covered most of my kitchen table in it…FYI its SUPER easy and fast for cleanup!!) and was very proud and excited to be able to share “his” creation with someone else!!
Once these were done, we dropped them off at the local Senior Center.  We can’t wait to cook and bake some more goodies to share with others- the kids get to help cook and learn to do for others- what a fun way to spend some time with the family! 
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