>Dry Spice Flavor Preserver Review

>With the gardening that we do, we get a lot of things all at once that we simply cannot consume right away.  Since so many people are also gardening nowadays, we aren’t able to find as many eager recipients of our overflow.  Which means, I’m left to attempt preserving things like our basil and cilantro for the cooler months, but I get kind of nervous to do this because I worry moisture will get in the containers and gross things will occur.

Which brings us to my new kitchen friend, Dry Spice. Dry Spice was designed to keep your spices from getting all clumpy and unusable.  Awesome, right?  The fun doesn’t stop there, my friends.  You can also use it to keep tea leaves fresh, coffee grounds, and more.  If there’s moisture to be found, Dry Spice will absorb it.

We got 10 Flavor Savor Canisters.  I am having issues tonight and am about to throw my laptop out the window, so I am not going to share my pictures, not tonight, anyway.  The canisters look exactly like the little ones you find in a bottle of pills.  Little white canisters.  That’s it.  Drop one in and your spices last longer!!  What I am doing is putting one into a foodsaver bag with each bundle of basil and cilantro (and oregano soon)  to help ensure the freshness.  So far, so good.  I also put some of this into my holiday baking spice jars.  Those don’t get used all the time so I’m hoping it’ll extend the life.

This is such a great concept, especially right now with the economy being so tough- a pack of 10 costs around $8.99 and each canister lasts up to a year!  Especially with some of the pricier spices that if you are like me don’t get used often at all…this can save you tons!

These would make a great addition to any kitchen that has spices, or canisters of tea, or coffee.  What a great way to extend the life of your spices without spending a lot of time, money or energy!

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I was provided with samples of this product to facilitate my review.  Opinions expressed within are my own.

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