>Felicity: An American Girl Adventure Deluxe Edition

>We are JUST at the beginning stages of my oldest beginning to enjoy movies like Felicity: An American Girl Adventure- my 5.5 year old is rapidly becoming enthralled with old times and historic eras- and I get so excited as I watch her watching.  I loved Anne of Green Gables and Little House on the Prairie as a girl and I feel like the American Girl brand is just a modern day extension of that idea- simple, wholesome, and sweet.  I can just see on her face that she’s imagining SHE is the one trying to save Penny! 

In Kindergarten the kids recently watched some video about Abe Lincoln and his assasination.  My daughter’s version was quite endearing, and we held back our laughs as she solemnly explained to us that “a bad guy didn’t like Abe Lincoln and took a violence out of his pocket and shot him because he freed the sales (indicating handcuffs with her arms) by taking off their bracelets.”  She’s asked a ton of questions since then, but she’s so excited to just see and hear and read and feel what it was like in other times, when things weren’t as they are now, here, in 2011 in America.  I love sharing videos like this that can help her understand a bit more what life was like!  Plus, its got “American Girl” on the box, and in the credits, so she knew she wanted to see it.  (I will fully admit here and now I was just as excited to see it!)

Live-action Film Stars Marcia Gay Harden, John Schneider and Shailene Woodle

In celebration of American Girl’s 25th anniversary, Warner Home Video (WHV) will release the full-length live-action movie, Felicity: An American Girl Adventure in a collectible, new deluxe edition. The film focuses on Felicity Merriman, a spirited and independent 10-year-old who lives in Williamsburg, Virginia around the time of the American Revolution. Felicity: An American Girl Adventure Deluxe Edition was available in stores February 15, 2011 and retails for $19.97 SRP. It is also available for digital download.

When Felicity meets Penny, a beautiful copper-colored mare, she knows with all her heart that she must free Penny from her cruel owner. Felicity desperately wishes for that same sureness of heart about the rumors of revolution swirling through Williamsburg. Felicity’s father believes that the colonies should be free from England’s rule, but her beloved grandfather and her best friend Elizabeth both support the king. With fiercely conflicting loyalties dividing the colonists, something as simple as a cup of tea could divide Felicity from her best friend forever. As Christmas time draws near, Felicity struggles to hold her family and friends close, and to find ways for love and friendship to rise above the growing conflict.

Special Features on the DVD include
Ø All-new release! Women in Williamsburg – Felicity: An American Girl – An insider’s tour of Felicity’s world of Colonial Williamsburg, filmed in cooperation with The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.
Ø All About Felicity, An American Girl
Ø On Set with Felicity – Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with Shailene Woodley (Felicity).
Ø Felicity’s Williamsburg: Co-Stars Shailene Woodley and Katie Henney guide you through Felicity’s hometown, now a living-history museum you can visit today

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