>Like Dragons and Swords? Check out Disney’s The Black Cauldron 25th Anniversary Edition on DVD

>As much as I hate that Disney puts their DVD’s “In the Vault,” I get excited when they come OUT of the vault.  I’d not seen this one before and while my little ones are not old enough for this yet, I can’t wait to share it with them when they get older, especially now, during Halloween season.  The timing of this release is perfect!

I’d shared the pre-release info with you a few weeks ago and now we’ve had a chance to watch – this is not normally my kind of movie but being the season of thrills and chills, I got into it.  I love the story of how Taran learns what it means – truly means- to be a hero, and all of the adventures along the way.  I think Hen Wen way become a fast favorite for many of you, too!!

There’s a great deleted scene not seen before-meeting The FairFolk- I love getting the chance but those kind of scenes always leave me wondering if they didn’t put it in the first time, why did they save it?  Its pretty cool though.

The film itself has been digitally redone, etc. so the colors are surely brighter than in the old version, and much sharper.  Since I’ve not seen this before I can’t speak to that but rest assured, the folks at Disney did the Disney “thing” and worked their magic!!

This DVD also has bonus features including a Witches’ Challenge Game that’s kind of fun.  I love seeing what extra features are offered on DVD’s- more bang for your buck!!

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