More thoughts on redecorating!

With all of the rearranging of kid rooms and stuff, I keep dreaming about having a separate room for each of my kids, and then…the big one…a guest room.  Oh, to have that much space!  Not a huge room, and nothing fancy- but a calm, soothing room, like the one pictured here, where maybe I could store my craft wares in the closet, and have a place for friends to stay.  A double mattress would be fine- anyone can handle that size for a night or two, right?

Of course when I start looking at bedrooms, I look at bedding, and then paint, and then headboards, bed frames…and I get to thinking that maybe if we did just this one thing to OUR room…and I say this knowing my husband might think I’ve lost my mind since we just redid our bedroom a year ago!  I actually adore our bedroom, although if I was to buy the furniture again I’d want a darker finish than the cherry we’ve got.  We do need curtains. 

Why can’t I just ever ONLY work on one room?  The kids’ 2 rooms are more than enough for me to handle right now…and here I am browsing curtains, at almost 11 on a Saturday night. :o)  Maybe I’ll find some, and then I can start looking at curtain rods.  Maybe that’ll bring me back to the fact that I’m supposed to be finding things for the kids’ bedrooms!!

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