Need local services at home? Check out! promises local services set to come to your door in just three clicks. They aren’t kidding, I just tried it several times myself.   I did several appointments, which were each easy to set up, quite literally a few clicks, and voila!!  To no surprise of mine, there aren’t many businesses (yet) that are near to my area.   I checked out massage therapy and pet grooming (hey, if someone wants to come to my house and groom my dog, or massage me, well, why not?). is the first referral network of mobile professionals, bringing services to your doorstep. This is perfect for executives, busy moms, and people with disability.   This site is 100% free for clients.  You aren’t required to pay ahead of time- although if you are setting up as a gift I’m sure that you can pay ahead of time, you can pay for the service at the time of service.  I think this is a really cool service being offered and can really offer huge benefits to those who are unable to get out and do things for themselves, or simply don’t have the time!!  I do have to note that they have a disclaimer:

ServeMeHere does not guarantee the quality of work performed by professionals listed on, nor do we assume liability for referrals or for any work or services that professionals perform  at your home, office, or any chosen location.

 In addition, we are not liable for property damage or claims made by professionals listed on For additional information please refer to our Terms of Service on the Registration page.

What this says to me is that as with all services, do your research.  Check references, check the Better Business Bureau, etc. 

This site is really user friendly- and I imagine this could come in handy if you have a relative in another state that you may want to gift a massage to but perhaps they are homebound- or want to get their dog groomed for same reasons- what an awesome feature- you could arrange it from your home (or work) computer and have someone come to their house at a time convenient for them  !!

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