>Omaha Steaks. Yummy, yummy goodness.


If you have not ever tried Omaha Steaks, you should.  I’m not saying you should be eating this stuff night and day, because, well, you shouldn’t.  But honestly, having this stuff on hand makes things SO MUCH EASIER at times when life gets hectic.  Especially their twice baked potatoes.  You will thank me, mark my words.  Your thighs may hate me , as will your backside, but oh, the sinfully wonderful yumminess of the twice baked potatoes that Omaha Steaks makes!!  *drool*

Times when we’ve used Omaha Steaks:
– as a gift when we had a baby
– when my mom first fell ill and my dad had to learn to cook and be a caregiver all at once
-when a friend long distance had a baby
-when my mom died
-when the baby was born right when my mom died
-when it was “one of those days” and trying to come up with dinner and create it with ingredients and retain a semblance of sanity

It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan.  Not just for food, either.  But in this instance, yes.  And when you order, BE SURE TO GET THE TWICE BAKED POTATOES!!

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