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 Thank you to BING for sponsoring my writing today. To learn more about BING Shopping Rewards, click here. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.

I love shopping.  Obviously, or I’d probably not have a blog with “bargains” in the name, right?  Going shoppnig in person isn’t always easy for me- three kids ages 5 and under doesn’t make for a calm, soothing, nor relaxing shopping experience much of the time.  Shopping online allows me to browse when I’ve got the time, and I can always come back to it- but I can also take time to find what I want at the best price, which is something you really cannot always do in stores.

Navigating the internet to find the best deal isn’t always the quickest way to shop, and there are so many different deal sites and coupon sites that it can be kind of overwhelming (which I guess can be an argument to shop in brick and mortar stores!?).  I don’t mind.  I find it a challenge, a game.

One of my VERY favorite parts of shopping online is the sites where you can earn points or cashback for purchases made online.  There are tons of these sites on the internet, including Bing, which I literally just signed up for (and got 250 reward points just for signing up! Right now I’m on the VERY important mission of finding myself a dress to wear on the red carpet next month when I attend the Hollywood premiere of Cars 2- so I decided that’s what I’d shop for on Bing to poke around and  see what its all about.

Playing around on Bing was easy- lots of options for searching- and I like how the search results give direct links to the products- so if you have an item in mind but aren’t sure what brand or store you want to shop from, you can see pricing before clicking out of Bing- and still earn your rewards points.  Not bad.  I’m sure I’ll be accruing points very quickly…or more points…might have already earned more above and beyond my sign up 250!!

I liked that once I had my search on Bing for women’s cocktail dresses, that I could further narrow down by search by brand, size, style, color- so many options, which means narrowing down my search before going to other sites.  A few more clicks on Bing and a lot less time doing searches.  Sadly, I still haven’t found *the* dress for the premiere but I have a few weeks to find one (suggestions welcome- I’m short and plump!! I found some options through Bing but the ones I liked were, of course, very spendy!!)

I am new to Bing rewards but I think I’ll be using it quite often when I shop online![ad#glam between posts]

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