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I saw Tweetie Pie Bags on another blog about a month ago.  I fell in love.  Love, I tell you.  I’m sure by now you are all fully aware that we try to live a green life in our house, and my kids are enthusiastic supporters of this.  Part of living green includes our shopping bags at stores- I’m sure by now unless you live under an enormous rock with zero media exposure, you’ve seen almost every store in existence selling their reusable shopping bags with their logos for about .99 each.  Well, those bags are all well and good but they are honestly just TOO BIG for my little ones to tote around, and they really like to help when we shop and carry their own stuff.

Enter Tweetie Pie Bags.  They make kid-sized shopping bags.  They make CUTE kid-sized shopping bags (also some other cute bags, but the animal ones and one fruit bag are what we received!)  Or rather, they make kid sized shopping bags that tuck into super cute pouches.

They each have a clip, too- the kids love having these clipped to their school backpacks!

The bags out of their pouches.

Tweetie Pie bags also make some really cute bags that self-store in more adult-friendly prints,

and these REALLY cool cart bags for warehouse club shopping (totally not as cute but what a great idea!!)

Get familiar with what’s around on Tweetie Pie Bags because they are part of our Its Easy Being Green Theme for Blogmania and are offering a set of 2 of their bags as part of our prize pack!!

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