Use your stockpile to help those in need

Thank you to Saving Toward a Better Life for sharing this!  I know my kids and I put together three large boxes to ship yesterday and I will be doing a big sweep of my stockpiles to send along this week. 

So I quickly scanned through my stockpile to see what I could pull out to donate.  Personal care (deodorant, body wash, toothpaste, feminine products, cough syrup, baby wipes), cleaning (wipes, hand sanitizer, dish soap), some snacks and clothes.  Technically, the clothes weren’t in my stockpile – they were some of Bug’s that were going to the donation bin anyway.

I live in one of the areas struck by Wednesday’s tornadoes so I don’t have to go far to donate my items.

But what if you live across the country?  What can you do?

Flat rate shipping boxes are available at the post office.  Medium boxes ship for $10.95 regardless of what you have in them.  Large boxes – $14.95.

I thought I had a large box here but all I have are medium ones.  I wanted to show you how much you can fit in a medium box and send for just $10.95:

I packed 3 body washes, 1 deodorant, 1 hand sanitizer, 1 lysol wipes canister, 1 dish soap, 1 toothpaste, 1 cough syrup and 4 toddler shirts.

Now, these were all items that I got for nearly free (or clothing I was going to donate anyway).  And they can all be sent for $10.95.

I could donate $10 for the relief effort or I can send $20 worth of items (plus the clothes) for $10.  Which way would my $10 be better spent?

I tried it again with different items:

This time I put in the Stayfree pad and baby wipes – they are larger items so they took up more room but I was still able to get three body washes, 1 deodorant, and 1 toothpaste in there as well.  Again, items free to me already in my stockpile, worth close to $20 that I can send for $10.95.

And the large boxes ship for only $4 more.  I could probably get it all in one of those!

So, if you feel like you can help, our church is having an online donation drive and will accept whatever you can send!

Send your donations to:

Disaster Relief

c/o First Baptist Church of Moody

902 Church Street

Moody, AL 35004

See a full list of items needed on this post.

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