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Are you on a weight loss journey? How are you doing?

Well, this isn’t exciting at all- I stayed exactly the same!  Not even a .1 variance on the scale.  But that’s ok.  I stuck to plan and that’s what mattered. This included several days of me having to stick to plan with no breakfast or lunch items from Nutrisystem because I totally spaced on sending my order in – so I’m feeling pretty darn good about staying the same! I did learn by this happening, though, that I CAN function without Nutrisystem food, and also that perhaps I have a tiny bit of willpower in me somewhere after all…

Obviously things got easier when my order arrived- and one of the items in my new shipment was the brand new Southern Style Biscuits and Gravy for breakfast.  YUM.  Love it.  VERY filling and there’s a little bit of kick to the sausage- delicious!! I had ordered two and already had both of them so I have a whole month before I can try more.  Sigh.  This is my new favorite breakfast.  OVER chocolate. 

I did try on some tops that I COULD fit in March but looked more like a sausage in this week.  Lo and behold- they FIT.  No sausage effect!  A friend saw me and said she can’t believe the difference in how I look- and also, how I’m carrying myself.  That was a big confidence booster.

Funny- I’d never think a week with no loss would be such a victory, but it was.  Can’t wait to see what the scale says this Friday morning!



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