What’s cooking at your house tonight?

I’m ALWAYS on the hunt for new recipes. Partly because I get bored with what I make all the time but also because I’m not exactly “Bretty Crocker” and I love finding recipes that are easy but taste delicious- with a kind of no-fail possibility.  Tall order, I know.  But once in a while I find them. 

I still need to find more.  I’m bored, bored bored with our dinners.  Especially with me being on Nutrisystem and not really eating what the family is eating, I am feeling a bit more adventurous (I admit right now I’m the pickiest one in the house!) and trying new things.  I signed up for the RecipeMom.com newsletter a few weeks ago and have found a few great recipes that way.   They include some tips and tricks in each newsletter which is helpful for non-talented cooks like myself!!

A note about signing up- it takes maybe 3 minutes total- there are a few “special offer” pages to get through but either at the bottom of the page or upper right corner will be a button to “pass” or “skip” or similar to avoid that.  I went through it just fine in about 3 minutes without signing up for any offers, etc. 

What are your favorite sources for new, healthy ideas for your family for dinners? 

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