10 reasons why I’m not SuperMom and why I never will be

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10 reasons why I’m not SuperMom and why I never will be

10 reasons why I'm not supermom

Photo Credit: Brett Jordan

1. I get annoyed with my kids.  If I lived with you, I’d probably get annoyed with you too.  (To be fair, I’m fairly certain I’ve annoyed them at least twice in their lives…it was a really long time ago and I’m sure they’ve forgotten by now)

2. I screw up dinner. A lot.  Oh heck. Let’s not leave breakfast and lunch out of it.

3. I yell at my kids. It doesn’t mean I’m proud of it, it means I do it.

4. Sometimes I forget to give the kids a bath for many days in a row.  You know.  Like 3 or 11.

5. I can’t sew and honestly I’m not sure that bothers me. My kids won’t have homemade costumes.  Unless someone else makes them for them.

6. I’ve farted (loudly) in front of my kids. (Does it make it better that I’ve said excuse me every time?)

7. I screw (insert a lot of things here) up

8. I mix the kids, the dog and my husbands names up.  Multiple times per day.

9. I haven’t done baby books. Well, truth be told, I started one for my oldest. She’s a month shy of 8.  I think I know where it is.

10. I don’t serve 100% nutritious meals every single day of the year. We’ve had ice cream for dinner before.

11. I’ve skipped pages in books when I don’t want to read the whole thing.

12. We told our kids when the ice cream truck plays music, it means they are sold out.  (This can work if you live in a small town and the ice cream truck goes by your house once every 3 years or so)

13. I can’t even make a list of 10 reasons why I’m not SuperMom without screwing it up.  Now I’m at 13. Oops.


Are you a SuperMom?  Or Dad?


I still want a cape though. Or a tshirt.  Maybe both.



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About the author: I’m a 30-something mom to three, brand ambassador. content creator, social media maven, blogger extraordinaire, earth lover, butcher, baker, candlestick maker (or something along those lines) – love word games, crafting, cake decorating or shooting pictures.

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  • I agree with you all the way. As well as the above, I am the house doctor, supply clerk, financial advisor, food getter, table setter, and a host of other titles for the family. don’t you just love it :)

  • Love It, especially #12. I wish I would have thought of that:)

  • It sounds to me like you ARE a super mom! At least you care (or seem to?) that you’re screwing things up. Most un-super moms I know think they are either exceptional moms or they really just don’t care – I’m not sure which is worse!? And, I do (or have done) ALL the things you listed and MORE…except for #12 which I’m now planning to use all summer so THANK YOU!!
    Stay super!!

    • I think almost any mom does care. But maybe that makes us supermom?

  • I love this list! In fact, I could have written it myself…and added a few (or 100) more reasons. :-) I’m glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t done baby books. I, too, started one for my oldest, and got about 11 months through it. I have a stack of calendars from the past 5 years on which I wrote down their milestones, and I keep telling myself that one day I will transfer all of that to their baby books. Ha! Who am I kidding?

  • I definitely wish I were Mary Poppins. LOL. Mostly b/c I’d love to fly away on an umbrella some days and be able to pull magically things that make kids behave out of a hat.
    This was hilarious. I think I’ve done almost all of them. LOL Not the ice cream truck one. no. not that. I’d NEVER do THAT! LOL

  • Love it!

  • Love #12! No one is supermom, and it’s great when we can laugh at our quirks, learn from our mistakes when we make them, and say no to over the top mommy competitiveness.

  • Love this Brett!! So true. I don’t know anyone that is Supermom. Great list!

  • I would like to disagree with you. I yell at my kids, I mess up a lot and use different excuses like if your too loud in the grocery store they will kick you out, but we are not drug addicts, alcoholics, we feed our kids, and yell because we care. I have given up everything for my kids and Im sure a lot of you have to, so we are SuperMoms! You don’t need to be Mary Poppins to be super, just love your kids with all your heart and try and raise them to be good people.

    • You are 10000% right. We don’t have to be Mary Poppins. I think we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to BE Mary Poppins.

  • I am definitely no supermum! I yell at my kids a lot and I really mean A LOT! If I made a list, it would be similar to yours!

    Okay, so we’re not supermoms but we try our bestest and I think that’s what really counts!

  • I’m sure you’re a SUPER mom all the same-and a very human and honest one at that! I had a friend in Atlanta who every time he drove on the highway past 6 Flags (which as I recall the view was partially blocked by trees so you could see part of a roller coaster from the highway) and his kids exclaimed about it he would say “oh…that’s just the airport”!

  • Judging by the 10 points (or was it 13?) you mentioned, I would say there are not that many super moms or dads out there. I love the image.

    • Thanks!! I loved the image too :)


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