bitty baby costume

No Sew American Girl Costume

While I have definitely bought into the whole American Girl craze for my own little girl I love to make my own clothes and accessories for them as much as possible for two reasons. 1) Of course it is much cheaper 2) I can customize for colors, season, patterns, etc.  My little one asked me [...]

Does Your Dog Know You Love Him

Does Your Dog Know You Love Him

There's never any doubt if Brutus loves us, his family.  We're greeted with that happy tail every time we enter a room and his eager to be petted pounce - yes, he's 11 years old and still pounces like a puppy when we come home.  When someone's sitting on the floor playing, reading, or relaxing [...]

Using Your Phone For Football Season

football season

Football season is in full swing, folks...In case you haven't heard my loud cheering and screaming from my couch and needed a reminder. I love to relax in sweats  in front of the T.V with some great food and watch my team score but sometimes  life takes me away from home for a game or [...]

Things you probably don’t know about Domino’s


A few weeks ago I got to head out to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to visit the Domino's headquarters.  While there, we had a whole lot of pizza, learned how to make a pizza, and learned a whole lot about the Domino's company and brand in general.  There's a lot that may surprise you that you [...]

Texture- Like Netflix for Magazines


Confession: I love People Magazine. It's super expensive though, and I cannot justify the expense of a subscription, so we don't get it anymore. But I miss it, and I love reading all the news and gossip.  It's a guilty pleasure, and silly, but there you go. Plus, finding the time to get through an [...]

Cord Blood Banking


Pretty much everyone is aware of the importance of donating blood for use by hospitals.  Less widespread is the knowledge of cord blood banking and what the advantages of it are.  Cord blood banking involves collecting and preserving the stem cells from your newborn’s umbilical cord at birth.  These immature, undifferentiated stem cells can be [...]

The Power of Clean Water – Health #PowerofClean


When you live in the wealthiest, most developed nation on the Earth, it’s really easy to lose sight of how much of a struggle clean drinking water can be. When you live surrounded by 20 percent of the world’s freshwater, it is even worse. We do a lot of camping and backpacking, meaning we have to bring [...]

Panko French Onion Chicken Sandwich

Panko & French Onion Chicken Cutlet Sandwich-label-vert

I have lots of love for sandwiches.  Especially in fall, for some reason. This sandwich is like a whole meal between two slices of bread, and it's hearty enough that it can BE a meal. That's what we need, because around here, we're lunch bringers, not buyers. So when we bring, we go big. We're [...]

Beach Bucket List- Gulf County Adventures

beach bucket list gulf county florida

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Visit Gulf County for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Living in Central Florida is mostly perks, with very few drawbacks. I feel so lucky to have been born and raised in the Sunshine State- always close to fishing, beaches, seafood, and watersports.  In [...]

Vanilla Maple French Toast Casserole

vanilla maple french toast casserole label

I grew up drinking milk.  My kids love to drink milk.  As a mom, I want to be sure that the kids are getting what they need in their bodies, with as little extra sugar and calories as possible.  We've always done 1% milk because of this, but when I heard about a new milk [...]

Scariest Places in Connecticut


It is that time of year again when the fall leaves change and spooky is in the air. When in Connecticut, don’t worry, there are plenty of places that are more than a little spooky, and are downright scary. Don’t be discouraged when you go to visit the Old Windham Inn and see an apartment [...]