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Connecticut’s 529 College Savings Plan #CHET529Day

This post was sponsored on behalf of Connecticut Higher Education Trust (CHET). All opinions stated are my own. The CHET Program is Connecticut's 529 College Savings Plan.  It's the Connecticut Higher Education Trust program. All 3 of my kids have a CHET account, and we make a deposit 1-3 times a year into each [...]

Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Bars


Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Bars I am always, always up for new breakfast ideas. Especially for school mornings. With the end of the year, we have a lot of later-than-usual evenings and just a whole lot going on. Late nights make for hectic mornings, and finding ways to simplify mornings ahead of time is what I [...]

7 Simple Summer Grilling Hacks

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With kids, a full-time job, and countless other responsibilities, sometimes it seems hard to relax and enjoy the summer. A family barbecue can become a source of added work and stress but I have learned it doesn't have to be. One thing I always try to do is to KISS it- keep it simple, silly! [...]

Start planning your vacation with HHonors Points


We just got home from several days in Orlando as a family. It was a great time for us to get away, spend some time together and just relax and enjoy ourselves. Well, relax for a few days, anyway, since we did 3 days at the parks while there. We used our new Hilton HHonors™ [...]

Mommy Daughter Moments

Mommy Daughter Moments

This post brought to you by Disney Baby. The content and opinions expressed below are that of this mama loves. Before I became mom to all of these boys I was mom to a beautiful baby girl first.  She was the one who made me mom 12 years ago on a perfect spring day in [...]

How Big is Your Social-Germ Network

How Big is Your Social-Germ Network

Social networking is nothing new to us, right?  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram....we come into contact with hundreds of people each day through social media and for people in the public eye, like actor Ali Larter it's even more so the case.  Recently though, Ali revealed that the size of her 15 month-old daughter's social network is actually bigger [...]

Delicious Dishes Link Party 20 {I’m a new host!}

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And, hello to new friends! This is my first week joining in the Delicious Dishes Link Party and I'll be joining in each week as a host for the party!! We have a lot going on at our house, so lots of on the go and quick prep meals are happening in our house.  Simply [...]

Simple Strawberry Sorbet Recipe


Simple Strawberry Sorbet Recipe My son cannot have dairy products. This was only discovered and diagnosed as some big long fancy name that basically means his body doesn't make the enzymes (or makes miniscule amounts of it) to digest lactose. If he has it, he's in a whole lot of severe pain and miserable for [...]

Highlights Every Day App #HighlightsEveryDay #Giveaway


Highlights Every Day App Highlights magazine was one of my first magazines to read, and my kids have enjoyed it as well. Our school's teachers suggest ordering it, and even our pediatrician has copies in the offices for kids to read while waiting for appointments.  The Highlights formula has stood the test of time and [...]

Tips for Protecting Sensitive Skin in Summer


I grew up on the lake and we spent nearly every day outside from dawn until dark.  Most days we were in bathing suits and in or around the water almost all day.  I rarely remember wearing sunscreen or having my skin protected from the sun.  I remember having terrible sunburns and all of us [...]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownie Bars


One of the decisions that has to be made when my family wants to bake something is usually ... do we make chocolate chip cookies or some brownies? It's a tough one. Don't even bring nuts into the mix. That's just too hard to decide. Too much love or hate for the nuts in the [...]