What Every Camper Needs: All-Weather Sleeping Bag #giveaway

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I am excited to start a new series called, What Every Camper Needs. This all-weather sleeping bag review post is brought to you  by our friends at Teton Sports.

What Every Camper Needs

Camping is a great way to relax, unwind and connect with nature. When camping is mentioned it can evoke very different reactions from people.  Some people camp on mountain tops, deep in the woods, others camp in an RV at a campground and many camp in their backyards or even living room.  It doesn’t matter how you choose to camp, there are a few things that Every Camper Needs, or may just want.

Today I am going to talk about a warm, all-weather sleeping bag.  Growing up I had a sleeping bag, it was nothing fancy but I loved to sleep in it.  My brother and I would watch TV while laying in our sleeping bags and camp in the living room.  That sleeping bag was fun but not very warm and had no features.  Teton Sports sent me the Fahrenheit Regular 0°F and now I want to go camping!  As you can see in this picture, my son loves it too.  He “stole” it from me and has been sleeping in it.  This sleeping bag is plenty warm and the first night he woke up sweaty, guess I can turn the heat down at night!

Teton Sports Camping Gear

  The Fahrenheit Regular 0 F is a roomy all–weather sleeping bag. Durable two–way zipper, thick taffeta shell, cotton flannel lining, mummy–style hood, inside Velcro pocket. Includes stuff sack with compression straps.   My son tried it out and then I had to climb in.  The lining is so soft and warm and there is plenty of room to move around and get comfy.

  • 100% Cotton flannel liner
  • Double layer construction entire width and length of bag increases warmth and durability
  • Suitable for multi–season use in rugged conditions
  • Rated for cold temperatures
  • Sturdy taffeta shell stands up to years of use
  • Sturdy no–snag two–way zippers with metal pulls
  • Full–length zipper baffle reduces drafts
  • Right and left zippered bags zip together

Mummy style hood keeps head or pillow off the groundTeton sports camping gearAfter a couple of nights I convinced my son to let me try out the Teton Sports sleeping bag.  It is so soft on the inside and gave me plenty of room to move around and get comfortable.  I could even sleep with my knee bent and on my side.  The bag does weigh about 5 lbs so it may not be great for backpacker but it is perfect for driving to a campsite.  It comes is a great compression bag for quick and safe storage.

Fahrenheit Regular Sleeping bag Teton Sports

  • Teton Sports Fahrenheit Regular 0°F sleeping bag is going to get a lot of use and I believe it will last for many years to come.
  • Teton Sports Fahrenheit Regular 0°F retails between $60 and $72 and can be found online at Amazon or Sportsman’s Warehouse.
  • Enter to win one of your own.

What item do you think every camper needs?


A sleeping bag was provided to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.


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About the author: I am a plant-based mom, wife, educator and blogger.

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  • I need a new sleeping bag and this would be perfect, especially for our cold Canadian climate! Thanks for letting me share this with my readers in my Camping Round-Up! (Brett, I wasn’t able to grab a pic from the post, so I used one from the Teton website. If you would rather I used yours, just send it to monica(dot)parlee(at)gmail(dot)com Thanks!)

  • I think a must have is a nice warm sleeping bag :) Our daughter goes camping with her AHG Troop, and she said that she needs a warmer sleeping bag.

  • Every good camper needs a good sleeping bag. Also, plenty of water & snacks..maybe some hand wipes & gel.I also bring toliet paper because those park restrooms never seem to have any!

  • Every camper needs a WATERPROOF tent!

  • a first aid kit

  • Definitely a warm sleeping bag with a mat to keep you warm and dry.

  • I think every camper needs an axe!

  • A good flashlight is a necessity!

  • Every camper needs neem oil as a natural bug repellent. I use this on myself and my dogs and have been camping for many years. Ticks are no joke in many parts of the country and neem dipped in a string tied around your pant legs will keep them off of you! For the pups a light misting of water and neem in a bottle will do the trick.

  • I think every camper needs waterproof matches.

  • Looking forward to this series! As a girl scout troop leader with zero camp experiences, I need all the help I can get!

  • I love camping! It is one way that I can spend quality time with my friends and stay fit at the same time. :)

  • I am not a big camper, but my girls are and this is great for the ground gets damp here, especially in the summer!

  • My family would like to get out and camp more this summer so this looks great. I’ll keep it in mind when we’re stocking up on camping gear.

  • I have not been camping in years. I know that big sleeping bag would be something I would want to bring.

  • This looks like a great sleeping bag. I think the best ones are built to handle any kind of pressure or temperature, and this one fits the bill.

  • We used to go camping ALL the time when I was a kid but I haven’t been in ages. That sleeping bag looks awesome!

  • This would have come in handy for so many around here last ween when the ice storm knocked out the power.

    • Yes it is perfect for power outages!!

  • That is a fantastic sleeping bag! We go camping every summer and always have to have quality sleeping bags. I’m looking for a new one for my daughter and this is perfect. We have to ensure it keeps the kids warm enough, because the Wyoming mountains get pretty cold at night. Love this sleeping bag.


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