Favorite Easter Recipes: Delicious Dishes Recipe Party

Favorite Easter Recipes: Delicious Dishes Recipe Party

How did we already get to March 27th? The past week is a blur for many reasons, but whoa. Easter is sneaking up on us, you guys.  Also, tax day as well. Since taxes aren't fun to discuss, at least for me, let's just focus on yummy foods to enjoy with friends and family this [...]

Easy Two Cheese Quesadillas

Simple Two Cheese Quesadilla Recipe from This Mama Loves

Having trouble mixing things up for school and work lunches? I am. The kids and I are so tired of making and eating the same lunch things after 6 months of school. We are all wanting new flavors, and variety. The same old stuff can be made new with some simple flavor swaps or additions! [...]

Beer Braised Sausage and Onions, Sous Vide

Beer Braised Sausage and Onions Sous Vide Recipe from This Mama Loves

Beer, sausage, and mustard - they just seem to belong together, right?  Especially served with some sweet onions cooked up just right? With spring here, we're starting to think more about cookouts and potluck gatherings and less about comfort food.  One of my favorite things about a cookout or potluck is the variety of foods. [...]

Delicious Dishes Recipe Party: Easter Dessert Favorites

Delicious Dishes Recipe Party Easter Desserts Hero

  Do you even realize we already made it past Pi Day, the Ides of March AND St. Patrick's Day? How did that happen? I blinked! We're already into Easter mode around here, but that's how it works when you blog. Your holiday foods are prepped long before a holiday happens. I KNOW this week's [...]

SING Movie Night & Edible SING Microphone Cupcakes

Sing Movie Inspired Microphone Cupcakes Recipe

 This SING Movie Night & Edible SING Microphone cupcakes post is in partnership with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. SING Special Edition is now available on Blu-ray & DVD and my family was finally able to sit down and watch it together! After listening to the official SING soundtrack over the last few weeks months I was [...]

My bladder leaks, and I found a sticker for it.

My Bladder Leaks solution for urinary incontinence

You know, it's been awhile since I opened up and shared things. I've actually been really busy and going to a toning class at the gym a few days a week.  I know. Shocking, right? But I'm determined. I'm also surviving, although sometimes I feel like I won't make it through another moment of these [...]

Easter Appetizer: Chick Cheeseball Recipe

Spring Chick Cheeseball Easter Appetizer Recipe from This Mama Loves

My friend Erica made the CUTEST cheeseball (well, I've seen some other cute cheeseballs in my day, but this is the cutest Easter one I've seen to date) for us and you're going to want to make it for your Easter guests (or to bring to your hosts). It's so cute and I'm happy to [...]

Buy a Bag, Give a Meal™ to help pets in need

This Buy a Bag, Give a Meal™ post is sponsored by PetSmart® and the BlogPaws™ Pet Influencer Network™. PetSmart is not responsible for the content of this article. We are pet people. Growing up, we always had at least 2 dogs, and often fish. Rumor has it that my dad had horses and a goat and cats, [...]

Delicious Dishes Recipe Party: Favorite Chicken Dishes

Delicious Dishes Recipe Party Chicken Favorites from This Mama Loves

Last week we were on the sweets, this week? Let's get some dinner ideas for ourselves, shall we? Don't forget to check out our super easy slow cooker chicken- which I need to modify and test in our pressure cooker. Another week means more recipes to test in the instant pot!   I love making [...]