>Arrrrrrrrrrgh. We’re out of Pirate’s Booty. Veggie Booty, too. What’s a mama to do?

>Have you tried Pirate’s Booty?  If you haven’t yet you should.  Its a crunchy, cheesy, yummy snack that everyone in the house loves. 
Pirate’s Booty is also fairly ALLERGY safe.  As in, gluten free, and peanut free.  This is why I am upset we’re out.  I have playdates at my house frequently and I like to keep some Booty on hand because I like to have a snack that anyone can eat available, so no one feels excluded (or has a little kid that they might need to be worried will get into something unsafe for them).  A few years ago I had  playdate here at my house, and innocently made mini muffins.  I watched my friend chasing her little guy in fear he’d touch one of them- they had egg in them and he’s very allergic.  I decided then and there that if it is possible I am going to have snacks offered for sharing that EVERYONE can enjoy. 

We do love the Veggie Booty and the Smart Puffs, in our house, as well, but really, it just comes down to the original Booty.  Plus its kind of funny to hear kids yelling “Can we get more booty!?” in the store!! 

Roberts bakes their booty.  They use all natural ingredients.  No trans fat and no gluten.  (I will note that I literally yesterday realized some people are allergic to corn and so I’d have to look more into that as an ingredient, it is in some products…but like I said, its fairly allergen friendly to eat booty). 

If you haven’t tried Pirate’s Booty, you should.  I haven’t yet seen a coupon, but you never know.  It still goes on sale regularly.  Plus, its yummy. And as salty snacks go, fairly healthy.

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