Autism United’s Shop partners with merchants to help you save money

A few weeks ago, I shared with those of you who might be ready to do some online shopping that you should check Autism United first. Autism United selects and places merchants to partner with because they provideoffers- often exclusive- directly TO Autism United.  You can check out the Autism United Featured Merchants for a list- they just added discounts for and Little Miss Matched which is a brand that seems to have been made with my 6 year old in mind!!

I shop online.  A lot.  Most of my friends shop online.  Life is hectic.  Money is tight for many families, and people want to save money.  Autism United has a shop and partners with merchants to save all of us money.  Win- win.  Plus, if you visit their site, you’ll maybe learn a little bit more about Autism, and how it affects individuals and their families and everyone else who loves them.  Maybe you’ll find a brand or merchant that supports those with Autism, that you didn’t know before.  Maybe you’ll just save money.   Maybe you’ll find really fun giveaways like the one going on now over there for a $300 Sears Gift Card! 

Chances are, once you start visiting Autism United’s shop, you’ll head over to Autism United and learn a little bit more.  Raising awareness of Autism and educating people is their main goal.  It’s worth a look.  Or thirty.  I’m going to guess that if you don’t know someone who’s life has been affected by Autism, someone you know or love does.  I know I have family and friends who are impacted daily.

Happy Shopping!!

Let me know if you enter the Sears card giveaway.  I could have a lot of fun with $300 at Sears, although I think Mr. Bargains would probably snatch that gift card if it came to the house.


This post is brought to you by our friends at Autism United Shop.  Opinions are my own.

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