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I don’t know of a school that doesn’t do fundraising- our local elementary school is no exception (nor is my son’s co-op preschool, for that matter!).  With fundraising usually comes some sort of incentive for selling the fundraising products- which doesn’t always include items that are desirable to everyone.  Big Event fundraising shows us some alternative things to use for incentives, like spirit sportswear-I know as a kid (and as a mom!) I’d have liked earning a school sweatshirt or tshirt instead of a plastic frisbee or some candy.

Big Event Fundraising has 4 Big Event prize incentive programs.

 Magic Show Prize Program – This prize program is motivational as well as educational – if you click on the image on this page the video shows what takes place!).  The idea of this program appeals to me – for elementary school children, this is a great way to promote working as a team to sell enough product to have the entire school population enjoy a magic show, together! 

Super Party Prize Program – Pure fun! This just sounds like a huge blast, and the parties could be done by grade level or clusters to keep from being too many children at once. 

Reptile Adventures Prize Program – This prize program is the most unusual and unique prize program ever! This one I think would be a huge draw for a school that really places emphasis on science programs, but I think most kids would enjoy it.

Super Party Prize Program – Pure wet fun! This one would be the one I’d request to be the parent helper for!! What a blast, although obviously this would be climate-specific or at least only during warm enough seasons. 

I’m ok with incentives offered for fundraising, but I’d love to see programs like the 4 mentioned above or, personally, my favorite, which is being able to get spirit sportswear with your school/team name/logo on it in exchange for fundraising products sold.  I always loved having a shirt or hat or hoodie with my school’s name on it, I know my kids would enjoy it, and I wouldn’t be having to answer questions from my kids about why this new “incentive” prize broke after 5 minutes of play, which has already happened more than once in the 2 years we’ve been in the public school system!!  Thank you Big Event Fundraising for bringing some new options to the table!!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Big Event Fundraising.  Opinions expressed within are my own.

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