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This post about Brawny’s pledge to the Wounded Warrior Project in support of our injured soldiers is brought to you by our friends at Lunchbox.  We are one of the lucky families who have not had a loved one come home from combat injured.  Really, it’s hard to not know someone who’s been injured serving our country.  If it’s not your neighbor, it’s someone else’s.  Those who have sacrificed so much need our support- and one such organization to offer that support is the Wounded Warrior Project.  Brawny has pledged to say thank you to our heroes by making a $10,000 donation to the project! By you and I pledging OUR support of the project, we’ll all get a printable $1 off any Brawny product coupon.  I pledged- will you?  (I pledged with my Facebook account- it took less than 30 seconds to pledge.  Don’t use Brawny? Take the pledge, print the coupon, and donate the paper towels to a local food bank.  I’m sure they’ll appreciate it)


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Photo is of my beautiful cousin Sandy during her service for our country about 10 years ago.

Those who serve our country in combat are giving up so much- and risking everything.  So are their families. We try to support our nation’s heroes when we can- and that means supporting campaigns like this one, but it also means that when we see men and women in military uniforms, we make a point to go up to them and say thank you for serving.  I do it, and I encourage my children to do it.  They’ve given up so much, and there are so many ways we can say thank you to them.

Say Thanks to Our Nation’s Heroes

For every US Solider killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, seven are wounded. The maker of Brawny® is a proud supporter of Wounded Warrior Project®, an organization dedicated to honoring and empowering those heroes injured in combat. The maker of Brawny® has teamed up with Wounded Warrior Project® and Walmart to say thanks to our Nation’s Heroes. On July 6th and 7th, Walmart shoppers pledged their support to our soldiers and Brawny®’s donation of $200,000. Now, you have the chance to show your support for our Nation’s Heroes as well. Head over to, join your state of supporters and the maker Brawny® will make a total donation of $10,000 to Wounded Warrior Project®.


Spread the Word

Help spread the word from the maker of Brawny® and Wounded Warrior Project® by sharing your support button on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest!

Our Thanks to You

As a thank you for your support from the maker of Brawny® and Wounded Warrior Project®, be sure to pick up the $1 off coupon for Brawny® products to use at Walmart for an every day low price.

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  • I love this campaign from Brawny. Both my grandfather and uncle have served in the service, but luckily are both home safe.

  • You are right that if you don’t know someone, you know someone that knows someone! 😉 There’s a lot of thanks to go around. I love that Brawny is doing this.

  • Love the project! I’ll be keeping this in mind next time I buy paper towels. I like Brawny anyway but I like them even more knowing this.

  • such a great program and happy to hear that Brawny supports the program!

  • Oh I didn’t know Brawny was doing this, glad to read about it. What a great program!

  • gotta love companies that give back 🙂

  • This is awesome! I shared on FB and Twitter to help spread the word further. 🙂
    Thanks to your cousin and everyone that serves!

  • I love learning about brands like Brawny who support such worthwhile causes!

  • I did that on Facebook too and it just makes me so happy that they’re doing this program!

  • This is wonderful! I had no idea Brawny was doing this! Thanks for sharing! Both my husband and I always make a point to say Thank You every time we see a member of the military, I just do not believe they get the appreciation they deserve!

  • I love this program. I think it is so important. We had friends who were injured and it can be a tough adjustment.


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