be you. be true for girls (giveaway 2 winners)

little miss pink is all about her “be” messages. She hopes to make you smile, empower & inspire you to be you & be true.

This line of tshirts and hats is, in a word, awesome.  Girl power in a fun and spunky way, with a huge array of colorful and sweet designs, all with one underlying theme: to be you and be true.  No negativity, no suggestive messages- and not just for kids!  Cute, simple and positive, and oh so much fun.  Busy B got 2 shirts from be you. be true- I think one was meant for Baby B but it was a 5/6 and way too big for her so lucky big sister…she’s got 2!!  be funky is the perfect shirt for my girly, who’s always dressing the way she wants, ignoring fashion rules and doing what she feels looks good (I hope she stays true to that forever!!) [click to continue…]

Ring the Bell Electronic Goal Tracker (Giveaway)

 Ring the Bell Electronic Goal Tracker from Educational Insights offers a way to track a goal for an individual or an entire class, or any number of kids in between.

Fun sounds and an exciting carnival theme take the goal chart to a whole new level! Teacher writes the goal and reward at the top and the milestones along the side of this freestanding electronic tracker. Each time a milestone is achieved, the “puck” slides up closer to the goal, activating fun sounds and blinking lights. When the goal is achieved, students are rewarded with a sound and light show.

Track anything:

Kids Summer Fun: Paper Jamz *new* Pro Series Mic (Giveaway)

Paper Jamz has new Pro Series Mics out and they are so much fun! I don’t know about you, but I *AM* a rockstar…at least when I’m driving in the car or in the shower.  Perfect tone, perfect tune, perfect pitch…so long as no one else is around.  That’s why I like the Pro Series Mic so much- it kind of makes me sound all kinds of awesome, and not just when no one  is around to hear me.  I can sound like a rock star with the touch of a button.  How fun is that?  My kids of course, have been rocking out like crazy, although not with clothing on so I haven’t gotten a good video (but I will share when I do!!).  I don’t know why they like to rock out and have dance parties in their underwear, but they do.

 Pro Series Microphones use real-time, cutting-edge technology called Perfect Pitch™ , which allows kids (and adults!) of all ages to sing with rockstar-quality vocals. Now you can so you can sing along effortlessly with your favorite band!

Unlike other Paper Jamz products that let users make music with a touch enabled-print, the Pro Microphone is a real mic, which comes included with a small 4×2 inch box to be worn on your belt. The box acts as both an amplifier and tuner, and uses pitch detection to transform the quality of your voice as you sing, with five different modes: Solo/Duet, Auto Harmony, Auto Vibrato, Chorus, and Auto. Once you’re done rocking out, simply connect the box to your computer and use the Paper Jamz to load the box with more of your favorite music from iTunes for continued play. Additionally, the Paper Jamz website has hundreds (soon to be thousands!) of songs to download, too! [click to continue…]

Play Money Coins & Bills Deluxe Set (Giveaway)

Learning money is hard for many kids, my oldest included.  Coins in particular are very confusing, especially since the larger coins aren’t always the greatest values.  Since my oldest will be needing to bring coins for part of her school supplies for first grade, and will be eating lunch at school this year, I thought that we should have some practice here at home, with play money that actually resembles the money we use every day. The Play Money Coins & Bills Deluxe Set from Educational Insights  is a wonderful play money set that will be  a teaching tool I use for many years to come- and something my kids are loving for playtime!! [click to continue…]

Kids Frugal Fun: All About Me Book

Each week Momondealz brings you a kids craft that is fun, educational, and frugal. For the remainder of July and August, I will be concentrating on kindergarten skills.
All About Me Book

2 sheets construction paper
5-10 sheets of white computer paper
Paper clips
Crayons, markers
Yarn, string, or ribbon
1 ruler or tape measure
Hole punch [click to continue…]

Walmart Coupon Matchups

These are the highlights for Walmart for the week of 7/24/11- 7/30/11. For the complete list visit Living on Love and Cents.

Walmart has the ad match guarantee.If you are new to this check out this video on how to price match.

Note: There is currently no new ad for Walmart this week. Listed are items that you can find cheap or free at your local store using these coupon match up ideas.

Noxzema bikini razors – $1.97
– $2/1 Noxzema Spa Shave 4 Blade Shaver 4 pk; Super Smooth Triple Blade Shaver 4 or 8 pk; Premium Pivot Twin Blade 12 pk or Bikini Shaver 3 pk any(RP 7/10/11)
= free plus .03 [click to continue…]

Cool Cuts 4 Kids (Giveaway- 2 winners)

Have you ever gone into a place to get your child’s haircut and wanted to walk back out?  The adult sized chairs, capes, the sounds, the smells- things that seem like no big deal to us can often be overwhelming for kids.  Cool Cuts 4 Kids offers a salon JUST for kids- where the chairs are actually cars and trucks and planes, and the stylists are not only trained and skilled in making haircuts look awesome, but also in making those haircuts look awesome while interacting with a toddler, a preschooler, a special needs child.  That’s something that stands out and makes me want to head straight over for haircuts ASAP!   Of course, after I REchecked the store locator (I swore when I checked that they have one in CT but I was wrong, they do not)…I can’t bring the kids, unless we’re away on vacation.  No worries, though, I sent my gift card to a friend and she was more than happy to get some cuts for her kids AND some extra hair product since she had the gift cards to use!  She LOVES Cool Cuts 4 Kids and was raving to me just how kid friendly and fun the environment is, and how skilled the stylists are- I guess her son has a cowlick and she’s always nervous to have his hair cut by someone new but they did great. [click to continue…]

Target this week

Here are a few highlights for this weeks Target ad. To get the complete list of match-ups, check Just Trying To Save Money.
***Special Note for Target***

Target accepts manufacturer coupons and Internet printable coupons. Target also has Target Store Coupons that you can print and combine with manufacturer coupons. At this time they do not double and there is no limit on how many you use of like coupons. They also offer .05 off your total purchase for each reusable bag you bring in to use.

Looking for certain coupons? Just don’t have the time to cut coupons? Then you need to check out Coupon Dede! Purchase just the coupons your want, pre-cut and in your hands in just a few days! For whole inserts check out The Q Hunter!

Clean & Clear Moisturizer or Morning Burst $4.99 each
-$2/1 Clean & Clear Product, Any Excluding Trial Size – Bricks
=$2.99 each after coupon [click to continue…]

The Children’s Place is having a Facebook Fiesta and we’re invited!

On July 26, 2011 from 9pm-10pm EST The Children’s Place is inviting fans to join them for a Facebook Fiesta—a live chat hosted on The Children’s Place Facebook page where their celebrity mom and fashion editor co-hosts will chat with all of their fans in an open forum about all things fashion, family and fun in the summer months.

WHO: The Children’s Place

WITH SPECIAL CO-HOSTS: [click to continue…]

Alyssa Milano stays fit during pregnancy- how?

Apparently, one of the ways Alyssa Milano (Oh, how I adored Who’s The Boss?) stays fit during her pregnancy is in part due to wearing FitFlop Florettas.  These are gorgeous!!

I guess Alyssa Milano has the right mindset for fitness.  While going to and from her yoga classes while pregnant, she wore these Florettas regularly.   I may just have to try this! [click to continue…]