15 Creative Ways to Use Old Socks

How many times have you folded you clothes and found that a sock is missing? We always joke that the sock monster ate them again. What really happens to these missing socks no one will ever know but since you now have one sock that doesn’t match anything you might as well find some ways to use old socks before dumping them into the trash or worse yet…..saving them in a box that clutters up your living space!!

Kids have a tendency to love wearing a pair of mismatched socks but on adults it really doesn’t go over well so finding ways to re-purpose them is probably a good idea! Here are a few creative ways to use old socks to get you going…

15 creative ways to use old socks

  • Socks make great dusting partners! Throw a sock onto you hand and spray with your favorite dusting polish and go to town. You will find that it is much easier to wipe down all you furniture with a sock on your hand and it works great for getting into the nooks and crannies. It makes it really easy to dust those pesky mini-blinds that cause us so much grief! You can even enlist a little help from your kids although you may want to skip the polish on their’s.
  • Instead of buying new Swiffer pads take a 2 large socks and place them on both ends of the Swiffer and dust your floors normally. It will save you loads of money and you can just throw it in the wash to clean and re-use. Just think if the sock monster steals one of the mismatched sock it wont’ matter!!
  • Use as an overnight hand moisturizer for a sever case of dray skin. Rub a hefty amount of Vaseline on your hands and put socks on your hands to hold in the moisture and save your bed sheets from getting all greasy! Can’t stand the thought of wearing socks on your hands all night? Tray leaving on for an hour or so while you are watching your favorite show.
  • Use old socks to make a homemade dish rag. Cut the end off of the toe of the sock and cut all the way up one side and use for scrubbing dishes or cleaning up greasy messes that you don’t want to stain your nice dish cloths.
  • Make a homemade Christmas stocking by taking an old sock and coloring on it with marker. This is a great project for kids to make a present for mom and dad! You can also have them glue on cute buttons or small balls for added decoration.
  • Save old soap slivers and throw into the bottom of an old sock. Once you have a good amount in there tie a knot in the end and use as a wash cloth while bathing. This works really well for the kiddos who tend to have a hard time holding onto the slippery soap.
  • Use them to protect fragile items when moving or shipping something in the mail.
  • Slip a pair of socks over your tennis shoes when painting to keep them safe from unwanted splatters
  • Old socks work very well to use as mittens for children in the winter. Double and triple layer them for added warmth. Keep plenty of spares so you can change them out when they become wet.
  • Make a really cute and easy pet toy. Take an old tube sock and tie a knot in the center of it for a chew toy for you dog or take a baby sock and add some catnip inside and tie a knot in the end for your favorite feline!
  • Place rice into an old sock and tie or sew the end shut for an great re-usable heat pack. Heat in microwave for 20-30 seconds depending on how hot you want it. It can easily be used around your neck or on any part of the body conforming to the shape it needs to be in. This is great for reducing pain from sore muscles, back pain or sinus issues.
  • Old socks work great for keeping water and soda bottles cool. Just slip it on from the bottom. If you have a problem with it slipping down the bottle just place a rubber band near the top to keep it from slipping down. Using different color socks can help children know which water is their’s.
  • Make sock puppets!! Everyone loves to play with a good old fashioned sock puppet! You can keep it simple and just draw a face on with markers or you can go all out and add on yarn or a cool fabric for the hair, googly eyes and a button nose!! Make sure you pull out the coffee table and throw a blanket on top and have your kids go behind it and put on a puppet show for you.
  • Use in the garden to tie up small trees or plants.
  • Use to hold small objects such as marbles, jacks, screws…. basically anything that is small and needs to be contained to keep from getting lost or rolling around on your floors. I often throw spare change into socks and label them with a permanent marker with the item I am saving for. This is a great idea for the kiddos!

Do you have any great ways to use old socks that have worked well at your house?


How to Make Business Cards in PicMonkey

I don’t know about you but I am very tired of paying for a design for my business cards.  I wanted to learn how to make  business cards in PicMonkey and my friend Sadie agreed to show me. :) It’s really not hard!

How to Make Business Cards in PicMonkey

The process of making business cards in PicMonkey is suuuper simple. It’s just a few basic steps, and then you play around with different fonts and such until you get them exactly how you want them. First, you need to sign up for PicMonkey if you haven’t already. It’s a few bucks a month, and totally worth it.

How to Make Business Cards in PicMonkey

To start, you’ll need to upload custom fonts to PicMonkey so you are using the ones that match your blog. Though I didn’t use the same exact fonts on my cards that I do on my blog, I used ones that I thought complimented each other. It’s totally up to you on how you do stuff! Adding fonts to PicMonkey is pretty easy- you  just need to download the fonts you like from sites, install them on your computer, then reboot and log back in.  You’ll see your pretty new fonts and be able to use them!

How to Make Business Cards in PicMonkey

After you’ve decided on your fonts (or gotten distracted and downloaded 100 of them), restart your computer and log into PicMonkey. Choose “design”, then you’ll choose your dimensions.

Or, you can download a business card template for free. You can choose a colored background if you are in the “design” section. If not, just use a rectangle overlay to choose a color. I prefer white.

How to Make Business Cards in PicMonkey

Go to overlays (the butterfly button), and upload your header and/or headshot. I really like it when I see business cards with a photo on them, because it’s easier for me to remember when I meet someone!

How to Make Business Cards in PicMonkey

Add your information below the header. If you don’t have a header, just use a custom font to type your name, blog name, or business name.

Some things that are important to include:

— first and last name
— blog and/or business name
— email address
— social media handles
— website address
— any other info you’d like people to know

Make Business Cards in PicMonkey

I’d probably make these double-sided and have some more information about myself on the back. Think of it as a mini “about me” page.
Check out how to make birthday invitations in PicMonkey too!

Have you made business cards? Leave your tips in the comments!

Upcycle Craft Idea: Painted Vase

This post brought to you by FrogTape. All opinions are 100% mine.

We have some plain, boring glass vases and containers in our house.  Chances are, you have a few in your house too.  Given that it's summer, and lots of us have fresh flowers we want to cut and bring indoors to enjoy looking at, or bring to friends and family, many of us are using these plain old glass vessels more frequently than we may otherwise. This upcycle craft was inspired by all of these plain glass containers and vessels in our house, and I hope it will inspire you to create something new and fun with yours too!

Upcycle Craft: Painted Vase


What you need:

Glass vessel.  Vase, jar, bowl.

FrogTape's Shape Tape

Acrylic or latex paint

Paint brushes

Glitter (optional, but isn't everything better with glitter?)

Newspaper (protect your work surface)

Scissors (clean cuts for different lengths of tape)


What you do:

Gather your supplies so everything is in reach

Apply the  FrogTape® Shape Tape™ where you'd like it to go.


Make sure you smooth the edges down and flatten any little bumps (they seem to always pop up when I am working on a curved surface, maybe it's just me)


Apply paint where you'd like it to go. My 6 year old is working hard on his own vase- he's excited to pick his own flowers for the table and put them in his vase soon.  AND since I forgot to take pictures of painting my vase, you get so see my handsome little guy who's not feeling well.


After your vase is done being painted, sprinkle glitter on top of the paint.


Allow to dry fully. ** Note: Probably not the BEST project to do on a humid day. We did ours on a humid day and the paint took hours and hours to fully dry.



After the paint is fully dry, remove the tape and admire your work. Well done, my friend!


Then, fill with water  and add your favorite flowers.


So what made me use the  FrogTape® Shape Tape™? Well, it's fun.  It comes in Chevron, Wave and Scallop pre-cut patterns.  It's something new and different.  I want to try to do a DIY photo canvas with a chevron background and hope to start that in a few weeks… I'm a little nervous but hey, what do I have to lose?

FrogTape® adheres REALLY well to any surface I've tried it on.  Adheres well but removes easily and cleanly. That's super impotant when you are painting, you don't want the tape to damage your surface or your hard work!

The sky's the limit- or at least, as high as your ladder can reach, for your creativity.  Paper, walls, furniture, housewares… you can use this tape on just about anything to give it a little extra pizazz.

Users can stagger the placement of the tape, or vary the widths, for personalized and unique designs. The first thing I thought of for the Chevron was to make a Charlie Brown t-shirt costume for Halloween!

Shape Tape™ is treated with patented PaintBlock® Technology, a super absorbent polymer that reacts with the water in latex paint and instantly gels to form a micro-barrier that seals the edges of the tape, which helps prevent paint bleed. It’s designed with a slit liner on the back of the tape for easier application – remove one half of the liner, position the tape and remove the other half.

Shape Tape™ is available at participating Lowes and Walmart locations, and all Menards stores across the United States. Users should visit http://frogtape.com/shapetape for more information.

Follow FrogTape® (the makers of Shape Tape™)  on Twitter and Pinterest @FrogTape for lots of inspirational ideas!

What projects will you be using Shape Tape™ for?


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Button Crafts – Cloth Napkins With Button Fruit Details

I love buttons and I love making button crafts!  Vintage buttons, fancy buttons, wooden buttons, and even shirt buttons!  Button crafts are so much fun to make and so affordable.  These adorable cloth napkins with button fruit details are so sweet and inexpensive.  These are just shirt buttons in various colors.  You could really make a lot of different fruits or even vegetables with this idea and just have a lot of fun with ideas!

Button Crafts – Cloth Napkins With Button Fruit Details



  • set of 4 cloth napkins – I picked these up at Wal-Mart for less than $2
  • shirt buttons in the colors of your chosen fruits – we have grapes, lemons, an apple, and cherries.
  • thread to match your buttons (Have some fun with this if you prefer!)
  • green embroidery thread for stitching the leaves and stems on (I used a thread with varying shades of green for more detail)
  • needle (I always use the easy-to-thread needles because I’m not getting any younger and threading a needle is never, not once, a simple process for me. Needles like to fight me on threading every time!)
  • scissors


I laundered my napkins before beginning.  The buttons will be sewn on so you can launder them after if you’d rather (and of course so you can wash them after use).


Begin by sewing the buttons onto the corner of each napkin as I did in my example.  You’ll want to use thread to match the buttons so the thread doesn’t stand out.


Use very simple stitches to add stems and leaves with the green embroidery thread.  I did not worry about the backs looking perfect but focused on how the leaves and stems turned out.


Here’s the bunch of grapes on a napkin, what do you think?



 Are you into crafting? Have you done button crafts lately?




Pomegranate Sugar Scrub Homemade Recipe

I LOVE taking baths. I really, really do. It’s my escape, my me time. One of my favorite things to use in the tub is a good sugar scrub that leaves me feeling like I have no dry skin at all.  I’m smitten with Pomegranate (I love the smell, but I also love the pink) and we came up with this Pomegranate

DIY Pomegranate Sugar Scrub Homemade Recipe

pomegranate sugar scrub homemade recipe


1 C. coconut oil
½ C. sugar
1 fresh pomegranate de-seeded OR you can also use ½ package of pomegranate seeds (found in the produce section)
4-5 4 oz. Jelly jars

Directions –

#1. Cut the top of your fresh pomegranate off and de-seed a 3-4” section placing the seeds and juice in a small bowl. If using pomegranate seeds from the produce section, use a blender to puree ½ the package of pomegranate seeds (mixture will be chunky). This will give you enough juice for the nice pink color as well and the pomegranate particles to add to your scrub.

#2. In a medium size bowl, combine the coconut oil, sugar, pomegranate puree or the seeds and juice from the fresh pomegranate and mix well.

#3. Add the scrub to your 4 oz. Jelly jars.

*Makes 4-5 4 oz. Jelly jars. This will last 1-2 months, simply stir the jar if you see that the mixture is settling.

pomegranate body scrub

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Pomegranate Sugar Scrub - Homemade Recipe
Easy to make sugar scrub recipe
Recipe type: Bath and Body
  • 1 C. coconut oil
  • ½ C. sugar
  • 1 fresh pomegranate de-seeded OR you can also use ½ package of pomegranate seeds (found in the produce section)
  • 4-5 4 oz. Jelly jars
  1. #1. Cut the top of your fresh pomegranate off and de-seed a 3-4” section placing the seeds and juice in a small bowl. If using pomegranate seeds from the produce section, use a blender to puree ½ the package of pomegranate seeds (mixture will be chunky). This will give you enough juice for the nice pink color as well and the pomegranate particles to add to your scrub.
  2. #2. In a medium size bowl, combine the coconut oil, sugar, pomegranate puree or the seeds and juice from the fresh pomegranate and mix well.
  3. #3. Add the scrub to your 4 oz. Jelly jars.
  4. *Makes 4-5 4 oz. Jelly jars. This will last 1-2 months, simply stir the jar if you see that the mixture is settling.


Mickey and Minnie Mouse Felt Bracelets Craft

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Felt Bracelets

mickey minnie mouse felt bracelets


Black felt

Red Felt

Red ribbon for bow

Blue flower shaped ribbon

Red & white polka dot ribbon

Black Velcro

minnie mickey felt bracelets supplies



Hot glue gun

Mickey Mouse shaped stencil


1. Cut a long strip of felt, 1″ wide. Place felt around wrist and cut felt to size of your wrist.

minnie mickey mouse felt bracelets cut

2. Cut a piece of ribbon to fit the length of the felt, minus 1″ inch.


3. Using the hot glue gun, glue ribbon to the felt. Make sure to leave room on the left end for the velcro.


4. If available, use Mickey Mouse stencil to trace and cut out shape from black felt. If you do not have a stencil use chalk to draw shape on black felt and then cut out. You will need 2 shapes per bracelet.

5. Hot glue 2 Mickey shapes together and then adhere them to the center of the bracelet. If you are making a Minnie Mouse bracelet cut out a small length of red ribbon and make a bow. Attach to her ear.


6. Lay the bracelet flat with the top side is facing you. Using the hot glue attach one piece of the velcro to the left side of the bracelet. Turn the bracelet over and attach the other piece of velcro to the right end of the bracelet. You should have a piece of Velcro at each end of the bracelet. One on the front and one on the back.

7. Wrap around wrist, attach Velcro together and wear.


Decorated Sugar Cookies: Disney Frozen Anna and Elsa

Who, at this point, is not completely in love with all things Frozen?!?!  These decorated sugar cookies of the two young princesses are created with Royal Icing and would be the perfect treat for a Disney Frozen themed party!

These decorated sugar cookies are made from our Lemon Snap Sugar Cookie Recipe we shared back at Christmas (those adorable Elf On A Shelf Cookies).  These are my favorite sugar cookie!  The texture is great, they don’t break easily, and the hint of lemon is perfect!  I’ve used snowflake cookie cutters and large circle cookie cutters for our Frozen treats.

Decorated Sugar Cookies: Disney Frozen Anna and Elsa

Anna and Elsa

Ingredients & Supplies:

  • Snowflake and circle sugar cookies ready to decorate
  • 1 batch of Royal Icing colored white, light turquoise, dark blue, purple, skin tone, golden blonde, brown, black, and green
  • Piping bag and tip insert, #2 and #4 round tips
  • Blue & blush shimmer powder
  • Bowl and spoons for mixing icing
  • Toothpicks for spreading icing


Begin by outlining the cookies with the stiff Royal Icing.  I used a #4 round tip to pipe a turquoise line around all the cookies.  For the Anna and Elsa cookies, use the other colors of icing to “draw” the outlines of each girl onto the cookies with the #2 round tip.  Remember that these are decorated sugar cookies and that they do not have to be perfect art!  Have fun with them and keep them simple.

Elsa Anna close up

Once outlines are firm, begin filling in the spaces with thinned Royal Icing.  It should be thin enough to spread but not so watery that it will not harden (A good rule of thumb is to add a few drops of water to a time and stir well, lift the icing with your spoon.  It should absorb back into the icing at about 10 seconds).  Fill in the spaces with the appropriate colors of icing and allow the icing to dry completely.  Do not add anything else until the icing is hard.

When all of the icing has hardened, use the stiff icing to pipe details onto each cookie such as the white details on the snowflakes, the faces on the princesses, and the details of Anna’s dress.  When all icing has firmed up, you can add shimmer powder to give the decorated sugar cookies sparkle.  I added blue to the turquoise icing and a blush tone to the princess faces.

anna elsa 3

Do not stack cookies until all icing is hardened.  Once cookies are ready, stack in an air tight container until ready to share!

Elsa Anna


Pillowcase Dress Pattern: Disney Frozen Inspired

We’ve all seen the adorable pillowcase dresses in many variations.  Most are easy to make and very simple in style.  Here is a twist on that simple project to create a beautiful little girl’s fancy dress!  The colors and sparkles make this Disney Frozen Inspired Pillowcase Dress Pattern perfect for your princess! What little girl wouldn’t love this?!?  And, yes, it is still easy to make!

Disney Frozen Inspired Pillowcase Dress Pattern

frozen pillowcase dress patternYou’ll need the following supplies:

  • 2 regular pillowcases of the same size & color (the higher the thread count, the nicer and dressier the fabric will be)
  • Thread to match the pillowcases
  • Approximately 18 yards of ribbon in a contrasting color (I used a sequined ribbon, about 1 1/2″ wide)
  • 1/4 yard Tulle in a similar color to ribbon
  • Thread to match Tulle
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins for pinning into place, safety pin, & needles for hand sewing
  • Scissors
  • A dress you know fits in length & arm holes for template only


Step 1

Fold the first pillowcase in half lengthwise and out on a flat surface.  Lay the template dress out on the first pillowcase and determine the correct length by lining the bottom of the dress up with the open end of the pillowcase.  Mark a straight like across the opposite end of the pillowcase which will become the neck of the dress.  Next, mark the arm hole lines.  Carefully cut along marks


Step 2

Determine how much shorter than the bottom layer you want the top layer of the dress to be.  Lay the cut pillowcase over the second pillowcase (both still folded in half lengthwise) and adjust the bottom (open end) to be the desired length.  Cut the top and arm holes into the second pillowcase as done in step 1.


Step 3

Now you’ll sew the two layers of the dress together.  This might be the tricky part as it took some time to make sure that once sewn together and turned out everything would be right side out.  You’ll place the shorter, top layer right side out inside the longer layer which is also right side out. Pin the two layers together along the arm holes and straight top.  Sew approximately 1/4″ in from edge, following the contour of the arm hole.

sewing armholes together

Step 4

Turn top layer right side out over the bottom layer.  Fold approximately 1 1/2″ of the straight neckline over, pin into place and sew.  This will become the ribbon pocket for the neck.

ribbon pocket

Step 5

Cut the tulle into 2 strips legnthwise (approximately 6″ each”).  Fold one piece in half lengthwise.  Using the matching thread, begin gathering the tulle onto the thread (you’ll sew at the open side, creating almost a tube).  Gather the entire length onto the thread.  Once you’ve completed this, you’ll begin tacking it to the bottom pillowcase.  The folded edge of the tulle should be approximately 1″ above the open end of the dress and the sewn edge should fall under the top pillowcase.  As you tack the tulle to the pillowcase, gently pull the thread it is on to create a gathered look.



Step 6

Using several layers of thread, create a loop at each side seam that will be large enough to slip the ribbon sash through.  This can be placed at waist height or higher to create an empire waist.  Slip your ribbon through both loops and cut to length.  You’ll want it to be long enough to be snug around the body and either tie in a knot or bow in the back with tails left to hang.

frozen inspired anna pillowcase dress back


Step 7

Pin a large safety pin to the end of the remaining ribbon and begin feeding it through the ribbon pocket at the neckline.  Feed through both the front and back.  This ribbon should be long enough to create straps when the pillow case is gathered in the front and back to create a scooped neckline.  You can either sew the ends of the ribbon together and slide the sewn ends into the pocket or you can leave it longer and tie it when it is put on to be worn.  I chose to sew the ends and conceal them which left the perfect place to add a little tulle flower!

If you’d like to make a tulle flower, cut the remaining tulle into a 3″ strip.  Fold it in half and begin gathering it onto your needle and thread at the open side.  Gather a little to a time and pull it tight, draw your needle through the gathered portion and gather more on.  Repeat until it begins to look like a flower and reaches your desired size.  Sew into place at one side of the neckline.

frozen inspired anna pillowcase-dress

Press the entire dress and it’s ready to be worn!  Who would guess this was a pillowcase?!?


This dress had a total cost of $22.00 in materials and approximately 3 hours of time.

DIY Fabric Flower & Button Hair Clip

Not too long ago we shared a tutorial for a DIY Button Hair Clip for St. Patrick’s Day.  It was a fun project that upcycled buttons into a cute hair accessory.  This hair clip is another upcycled button project but adds an adorable flower.  You could create this in the same fabric as an Easter dress or make it more neutral to go with everything.  If you don’t have the right color of buttons, you can purchase many color combinations for only a few dollars in most craft departments.

Fabric Flower & Button Hair Clip


  • hair clip or barrette
  • 7-9 buttons
  • 1 piece of fabric approximately 8″ long and 2″ wide
  • needle & thread
  • hot glue and glue gun
  • scissors

pink button and fabric flower hair clip supplies

Begin by gluing all but 2 buttons to the barrette.  Set aside to cool.

pink button and fabric flower hair clip buttons in process 2

Cut the piece of fabric to have 1 scalloped edge, creating large scallops at 1 end working to smaller.


Begin working the needle in and out of the fabric on the straight edge, starting at the large scalloped end and pulling the fabric onto the thread.

Once all fabric is on the thread, begin to gather the fabric into a circle.

pink button and fabric flower hair clip flower process 2


As you draw the fabric tighter, carefully tack together to create the center of the flower and continue gathering and tacking until you’ve completed the flower.


Sew a button or two onto the flower to create it’s center then hot glue the flower to the center button of the barrette.

This is a great project to make with or for little girls!

Check out these other crafts and DIY posts from other #TBCCrafters! You never know what inspiration you’ll find :)

Dollar Store DIY: Lucky Leprechaun Garden


Dollar Store DIY: Lucky Leprechaun Garden

If your children have ever wanted to catch a leprechaun, this Dollar Store DIY project is for you. This Lucky Leprechaun Garden is so sweet and simple, and can be created using just a few dollar store supplies. Perfect for crafting during the St. Patrick’s Day season, this Lucky Leprechaun Garden is an enchanting little spot that any leprechaun would want to hide away in. Take a peek at how to craft your own for just a few dollars.

dollar store DIY leprechaun garden finished

Lucky Leprechaun Garden

Supplies needed:
Round, flat glass candleholder
Moss covered craft stones
Faux/silk clover stems
Green glass rocks
Gold glitter (optional)

We were able to find all of these materials in the candle/floral aisle of our local Dollar Tree store. Total cost for this project was $4, with plenty of supplies left over for our other crafting needs.

1. Begin by placing the moss rocks in the bottom of the candleholder. We were able to fit all but one of what was included in the packaging.
2. Fill in the cracks between the stones with some green glass rocks.
3. Take your bundle of silk clover stems and snip off the heads. You only want to use the actual clovers themselves. Take a few and tuck them down in between the rocks. If you are worried about them staying in place, add a dab of glue to the back first.
4. Finish the leprechaun garden by giving it a sprinkle of gold glitter.

Now, place your leprechaun garden out for everyone to see. You can even use additional green glass rocks to create a cobblestone path leading up to it. Throughout the season of St. Patrick’s Day, you can place gold chocolate coins in or around the garden, a gift from the leprechaun to your kiddos, direct from his own treasure!

dollar store diy leprechaun garden supplies

Craft this Lucky Leprechaun Garden with your children and you are sure to create some new St. Patrick’s Day memories!