Tasty Baby Review and Giveaway

>Tasty Baby sent us coupons to try 2 of their products. We chose to try

One lucky reader will get 2 coupons for a FREE Tasty Baby product of their choice!

>Eco-Friendly Disposable Palm Leaf Plates- Review & Giveaway


Marx Foods sent us some really neat disposable plates.  I know, I know.  “Neat” disposable plates?  But really, they are.  I can’t explain it better than this so read what the Marx Foods site has to say: These elegant and durable disposable party plates are an eco-friendly alternative to conventional disposable plates. These biodegradable plates are a natural and renewable resource. Naturally discarded sheaths of the leaves of the Adaka palm tree are collected from the forest floor. No trees are cut down. The plates and the disposable cutlery are even compostable!  How can you not think that’s neat?  Compostable plates. 

We received some of the large square plates and some of the hexagonal salad plates.  They arrived in the middle of a playdate we were having at our house and we used the plates for the adults’s lunch.  We were all 4 of us (adults) surprised how solid the plates felt.  Since we only ate sandwiches off of them, I did rinse them.   We can use them again.  They are still sturdy.  That’s neat, too.  Plates that are disposable compostable that you can rinse well and re-use. 

Some of the girls who were here thought the plates were kind of not so pleasant looking.  I love the look.  Its almost like its got a woodgrained look which I love.  But honestly, I’d like them anyway.  Simply for the way they are made and the fact that they can be composted (although it should be fun trying to explain to the kids why some plates are compostable and not others but I digress, that is a post for yet another day). 

If you, like I was, are unfamiliar with Marx Foods, you should check them out.  They specialize in high-end food distribution.  They have some really amazing items on their site, aside from these plates. 

Marx Foods has generously offered to give one of our readers a set of 25 of the palm leaf plates, in the style of your choosing.  That’s definitely a bargain since these plates are definitely not inexpensive, however, the quality and fact that I was able to give them a good rinse and still be able to use them again makes them more of a deal.  Anything that helps decrease what’s taken from our earth offsets the dollar amount a bit in my book, as well.  I’d defnitely consider these for our house!

I think there’s some items on this site (or really, most of the items on the site) that would be wonderful gifts for the foodie in your life.  You know that person you just aren’t sure what to buy?  This may be a great place to go first!

*Mandatory Entry*  Head over to Marx Foods and poke around.  See something you like?  Tell me!!  Just want to share what plate style you’d chose if you are the winner?  Tell me that!  Just be warned, they have some really fantastic looking ingredients on there.  You may get really hungry!
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>Mabel’s Labels- For the Stuff Kids Lose – LOVE (Review and Coupon Giveaway)

>If you have little kids in your life you know that they are 1. posessive and 2. lose things.  I, myself, have 3 tiny people in my house who lose things.  Even Baby Bargains manages to lose binkies from her crib, never to be seen again. (Don’t leave the labels where the kids can get into them).

 Anyway,  here’s where Mabel’s Labels comes in – at least, to ensure that these possessive little creatures are able to keep track of what is theirs on the playground.  Really cute (sometimes “cool” I guess, if your child prefers to be cool) stickers and tags with their very own names on them, and a little design/logo.  (Don’t leave the labels where the kids can get into them). 

I am a Mabel’s Labels Buzzmama.  What does that mean?  It means that once in a while, Mabel’s lets me know about a new product they have, or they send me something to try out.  As I tell more people about Mabel’s and my love for their products, they maybe send me more stuff.  Our first goodie was the sticky labels.  We’ve been labelling maniacs.  (Don’t leave the labels where the kids can get into them).  We got purple ones with a star icon, and each of the kids’ names across.  I figured we make encourage them to share everything so why not label it as such!?  So our sand toys are labelled.  Water bottles and sport bottles are labelled.  The dog was labelled.  (Don’t leave the labels where the kids can get into them). 

These labels are great.  They stay on in the dishwasher, without fading, they even stick well to yellow lab fur (Don’t leave the labels where the kids can get into them).  They do not, however, re-stick to anything especially after being stuck on a dog.  Just trust me.  There’s no need for 2 of us to experience that.  (Don’t leave the labels where the kids can get into them).

Camp season is coming up fast.  Which means our little ones will have sunscreen and water shoes and hats and sunglasses and towels and swimsuits that we’re trusting them to keep track of.  Right.  Maybe its time to think about some labels.  I know I am.  (I cannot seem to commit to a style so I haven’t ordered more yet.  I will be doing so in the next few weeks). 

Being a Buzzmama, I have COUPONS to use at Mabel’s Labels.  That’s right, coupons. Me.  Shocking, I know.  Oh, do I love me some coupons.  I am going to give 2 readers a coupon of their choice *they are for differnt things*( and I am going to check with Diane from Mabel’s to see if I can make a list of the coupons to choose from. ) from my magical little stack of Mabel’s Coupons.  However, this does mean you’ll need to do a few entries first.

The entries are simple:
1.  (Mandatory)  Go to Mabel’s website and tell me, what’s your favorite thing?  Doesn’t have to be a kid label, they have some seriously cute Mama cards (and I know this because I have those too), among other things.  Organizers delight!!

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That’s it.  I’ll do a random.org draw of the winners on…………..Friday, May 28th. 

Mabel’s has sent me items for free, however, they did not ask me to do this review. I am doing it because I love their stuff and want to share about it.

This giveaway is CLOSED and winners have been notified.  Thank you!!

>Need to get more organized (like me?) GREAT deal on Rubbermaid Easy Find on Amazon!!


This set normally sells at $19.99 but right now is on sale for $10.47 at Amazon.  Thanks to Thrifty Jinxy for the heads up!!  

It also qualifies for free shipping with quali. purchases of $25 or more from Amazon.   I am seeing as I search for Rubbermaid items that many of there items are also on sale.  I think I’m going to see if any local friends want to buy one each of these and I’ll get an extra larger one and be able to take advantage of free shipping.

Now I really need a labelmaker!!!

>Peter Rabbit Organics Fruit Pouches Review & Giveaway


Peter Rabbit Organics sent us some of their organic fruit pouches.  We were sent each of the flavors- Mango, Banana and Orange, Apple and Grape, and Strawberry and Banana.  100% fruit, in a handy pouch that needs no refrigeration (until after its opened, but really, there won’t be any left!), no spoons, no dishes.  Just grab it and go.  Peter Rabbit’s pouches are BPA free and made right here in the USA. 

I think my favorite part of the fruit pouches (besides their yummy goodness) is that they are good for ages 6-adult.  Meaning if I toss a few in the van or the diaper  bag, I have a snack any one of the five of us can eat, without any mashing.  That’s invaluable in this family of mine, especially having a baby, a 2.5 and a 4.5 year old (excuse me, 4 and three quarters).  Not always easy to find portable snacks for little ones that all three of them can eat.   Plus the pouches don’t take up a ton of space, always a bonus when on the go!

My oldest is already mad at me that we don’t have any more of the Apple and Grape flavor.  She “likes” the others but “just LOVES” the Apple and Grape.  I think I’m preferential to the Mango, Banana and Orange, myself.

I am thinking these will be great in summer, if you toss them in the freezer and use them as a cold pack when heading to the park.  Or maybe even have them frozen!!  However you have them, its a full serving of fruit.  How can you go wrong? 

You can find Peter Rabbit on Twitter and you can find them on Facebook.

To enter to win your own sample pack as pictured above, (one of each of the flavors of the fruit pouches) :

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Giveaway ends Friday, May 21, 2010 at midnight.  Good luck!

Peter Rabbit sent me these samples of the Peter Rabbit Organic Fruit Pouches for review.  I am not being compensated in any way for this review, my opinions shared above are my own.

>Since I am sharing photos…and its KIND of a bargain…my Wilton Cake class final cake

>I took course one with my friend Jen last month.  So much fun.  Mommy time, no kids allowed- and creativity too?  Sign me up!  Although the pounds I’d lost in March hopped right back to where they’d been before somehow…………….

Anyway,  here is my final cake, from the final class.  See those roses?  Made, by ME.  That’s right.  Something I totally didn’t think I could do, but I did.  I also had no idea what to write and the teacher needed us to write something so “I did it” was my best idea (seriously?).  (Happy Spring might have been a good thought, like a normal person would write……….but I digress).

Let me now share with you what Mr. Bargains did because he didn’t want to ruin the side view of the cake:

Weirdo.  Love of my life, he is.  Definitely my soulmate.  But why????  Crazy man.  But you can at least see how my bow looks. I made that too.  Can I brag more? 
Since I’m sharing pictures let me also introduce you to the smaller members of the Bargains family:
Baby Bargains:
(she’s also starring in the Happy Panda post)
Busy Bargains:
And BatBoy Bargains.  BattyFashionSense Bargains.
My apologies for picture quality.  You would never know I have a nice camera. Nor that I can sort of use it well.  Computer issues have left me no choice but to use the camera on my phone….
OH!! I was supposed to tell you why cakes are a bargain?!  Well, I plan to make most of the kids’ birthday cakes and stuff for- well, forever?  So that is a bargain, taking a class for a fee to save money later by doing it myself.  (Wilton Cakes, are you reading this?   hint, hint) 

>Happy Panda Baby- Big and Tall Clothing for the Bigger Baby


Last week, Pamela from Happy Panda Baby  was kind enough to send this shirt to my little Baby Bargains. 

Now, mind you, Baby B is my first baby who actually has visible ankles before the age of 2 so she’s not exactly big but she’s cute, and she’ll do for modeling.  Plus, this shirt is actually sized to fit a 12 month old at…ready?  12 months!  (Does it drive anyone else nuts how kids are out of sizes months ahead of time?)

As you can see from the photo above, Baby Bargains loves her Happy Panda shirt.  I love the lap style, because its easy on and easy off.  Baby B likes to fight me during clothing changes so this is a huge plus.  Happy Panda is tagless, as well- why was this not invented sooner? I myself hate tags on shirts!! 

Anyway, as you can see (sorry for the photo quality, we’re having USB port issues so its from my cell) Baby Bargains definitely loves her cute little Happy Panda t and…well, Busy Bargains?  In the background?  She was doing whatever 4.75 year olds do. 

Thanks Pamela for the adorable shirt, and we will surely be back to your shop again!

***Please note, this was a gift Happy Panda sent.  I’m not being compensated for my review, I just loved the shirt and think its a fabulous shop so I am sharing what I like.

>Social Parade!!

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