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One Month of FREE Weaver Chicken Nuggets! – Ends 1/14/12

Honeywell EnergySmart ThermaWave Ceramic Heater – Ends 12/31

Honeywell Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier – Ends 12/31

Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan – Ends 12/31

Eco Vessel Water Bottle and Stainless Steel Snack Cup – Ends 12/31

Zazzle Custom Case-Mate iPhone Case and Custom Ornament – Ends 12/31

Made from Earth Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer – Ends 12/31 [click to continue…]

Disney on Ice Celebrates 100 Years of Magic: Discount & #Giveaway 2 winners *Hartford CT*

Disney On Ice Presents 100 Years of Magic is travelling all over the US right now and will be stopping in Hartford, CT in just a few weeks for EIGHT shows- they’ll be here from January 12-16!!! We will be attending, and I for one cannot WAIT to go see this magical performance!


A One-of-a-Kind Skating Spectacular Features More Than 60 Disney Stars Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and their friends from Disney’s Mulan, The Lion King and Pinocchio, and Disney/Pixar’s The Incredibles and Finding Nemo, take to the ice while Stitch from Lilo & Stitch drops in to wreak his usual havoc during this grand celebration in Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic. Produced by Feld Entertainment, this fanfare production features more than 60 unforgettable Disney stars that span the decades, a sing-along score of award-winning Disney music, stunning choreography, elaborate sets and beautiful costumes. With Mickey and Minnie leading the fun, audiences enjoy breathtaking production numbers choreographed by Emmy Award®-winner Sarah Kawahara.  Kawahara previously worked with Michelle Kwan and choreographed the skating segment for the Opening Ceremonies of the 2002 Winter Olympics. Complementing Kawahara’s fabulous skate sequences are the memorable tunes compiled by music directors Art Kempel and Stan Beard that bring the wonderful memories of Disney to life on ice. Scenic Designer David Potts and Lighting Designer LeRoy Bennett create the mood and settings that showcase extraordinary Disney moments. Outfitting this cast of more than 60 characters was the challenge facing Costume Designer Scott Lane. His dazzling designs range from Mickey’s Marching Band, to the “It’s a Small World” dolls, to the stars of Mulan andFinding Nemo. The bright colors and minimal structure in the Nemo costumes allow the characters to move freely in order to mimic the natural movement in water.  Renowned designer Bob Mackie also lends his talents to a red sequined evening gown worn by Minnie. Scenic Designer David Potts, who has worked on numerous Broadway productions, creates a theatrical atmosphere on ice. Skaters weave around and enliven the “It’s a Small World” sequence amidst sparkling floats that turn into a radiant light parade; a blanket of snow and an avalanche fall as Mulan battles the Huns; and a giant present is opened to reveal Buzz Lightyear as he’s first introduced to that favorite toy cowboy, Woody and his pal Jessie.

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Skin Medica Prize Pack #Giveaway $109 ARV


La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre, located in San Diego,  offers free consultations for both surgical and non-surgical rejuvenation.  They offer a wide range of services including a special Mommy Makeover package which seems to be what is standing out most to me includes a tummy tighten (I’d need many pounds magically removed) and a breast augmentation (hey, I’ve nursed three kids, for longer and longer periods of time.  Gravity is not my BFF).


Previously named Retinol Complex. Same great formula, new name and beautiful bottle. 0.65% Total Retinoids

Three forms of vitamin A in a microparticle delivery system enhance skin texture through exfoliation and skin rejuvenation.

  • Three forms of vitamin A improves the appearance of fine lines, aging and sun-damaged skin
  • Enhances skin texture to renew and revitalize
  • Sustained release formulation delivers vitamin A slowly to minimize irritation allowing nightly use [click to continue…]

*Closed*McKenna Brooks: American Girl Doll of the Year 2012 #Giveaway #Win

Come January 1, 2012, American Girl fans everywhere will be able to meet McKennaTM Brooks, at 10 year old gymnast who struggles with a balance between- well, the balance beam, and her schoolwork.  The Girl of the Year® McKenna doll, books and accessories will only be available until the end of 2012.  This is very smart timing for American Girl, given that 2012 is a Summer Olympics year and that should generate even more interest in yet another gorgeous doll friend from AG.

McKenna, aged 10, finds herself falling behind with her reading comprehension and discovering more talents and strengths in herself that she didn’t know she had.   She gets hurt and ends up in a cast- and has to work even harder, and learns some great life lessons along the way.

McKenna was introduced to us a few weeks ago, when a surprise package showed up with a copy of McKenna and Take the Challenge: Crazy Challenges and Silly Thrills to Explore Your Talents and Everyday Skills.

My daughter tore through McKenna (penned by Mary Casanova) in one sitting (she seems to have my love of reading) and has asked me at least 2 dozen times when I’ll find a copy of McKenna, Ready to Fly! for her to read.  The Take the Challenge book has been a lot of fun- for both of us- and I’m still (and likely always will be) the reining champ of doing things with my feet and toes in my house.  We haven’t gone through the entire book of challenges but I love the huge range of challenges, from the super silly to more serious, and, most importantly, the kids will too!!

To our delight, McKenna herself arrived at our house on Friday afternoon, and with some quick juggling, we decided that this would be a wonderful surprise for our oldest for Christmas.  We actually sent her home with my niece for the big S to leave under my sister’s tree, to be found with a few things for her siblings Christmas night.  My Busy girl knows that McKenna isn’t “here” yet and was beyond excited that she got to meet her before anyone else. [click to continue…]

Philip Kingsley Review – Baby Shampoo and Bodywash


I am sure that many of you are already familiar with the Philip Kingsley line of hair care products.  I use these products on my own hair and love them.  One of my favorite features of this line is that you can easily choose the correct products for you hair depending on the length and texture of your hair.  Their products always leave my hair feeling clean and full.  I was super excited to learn that Philip Kingsley now offers a baby line of products.  The Philip Kingsley Shampoo and Bodywash works great for babies and toddlers.

“PK Baby is a mild shampoo and body wash for daily use that is colorless, has a non allergenic and is SLS, SLES and paraben free.  It is an easy to rinse formula that contains chamomile extract to soothe the scalp and amaranth protein to gently moisturize both the skin and the hair. ”

The PK website offers a lot of usefull advice about babies hair and how to properly care for it.  Here are some useful facts from  their site:
  • As children get older and their hair begins to grow, a little shampoo will help to cleanse more effectively – this can be used around 4 weeks
  • It is safe to shampoo your baby’s hair every day, provided you are using a mild shampoo, such as PK BabyDaily shampooing helps to prevent the occurrence of cradle cap, the infant form of an adult scalp condition, pityriasis amiantaceaCradle Cap most commonly occurs in babies up to three months old
  • It is not really necessary to condition a baby’s hair while it is relatively fine and fluffy, however once the hair starts to grow longer and thicken up, applying a little conditioner will help to keep it in tip top condition

They also include links on the following:  How to Shampoo the Hair, How Often Should You Wash Babies’ Hair, Cradle Cap, Conditioning the Hair

I used this product on both my 4 month old and my 2 year old.  I love how this shampoo and body wash comes in a large 17 oz pump bottle.  I find that pump bottles are the easiest and most convenient way to use a baby wash because  I don’t always have an extra hand to pour the soap out of the container.  I also think that 2 in 1 products are so great for little ones.  Nobody wants to mess with using several different products on their babies. The Philip Kingsley baby bodywash smells really great and is not overpowering.  It left my baby with that “baby fresh smell” that I love so much.  It rinsed out nicely and didn’t leave my babies skin dry.  The large bottle size is a great value and one of the best baby bodywashes that I have tried. 

The PK Baby is available for $28 at philipkingsley.com 

“A sample of this product was provided to facilitate my review.  All opinions expressed are my own.”


Mimijumi Baby Bottle

Very Hungry Bottle

240ml/8fl oz


All right breastfeeding mamas, here’s a great bottle for you!  The Mimijumi Very Hungry Bottle is shaped like a breast to help transition between breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

Here is some information from the manufacturer:

“With natural colors, textures and forms, the mimijumi baby bottle provides the perfect complement to breastfeeding and the best possible transition to bottle feeding.

“The innovative nipple design replicates a mother’s breast, creating a natural feeding and latching experience for a happier and healthier bottle fed baby. Bold colors and soft textures are combined to give the Very Hungry bottle a distinctive, eye-catching appearance.

Our bottles are produced with the highest quality standards to protect your baby. All mimijumi bottles are BPA and latex free, EA free, and exceed US safety standards.

Easy to open
Easy to clean
Integrated venting prevents colic
Screw on one-piece nipple
Skid-free base
Top rack dishwasher-safe
BPA-, latex-, and EA- free
Exceeds US safety standards

Very Hungry holds 240ml or 8fl oz and comes with a Flow Rate 1 (slow) nipple.

This bottle has lots of great features.  I love that the nipple mimics the breast and makes the baby latch on before expressing milk.  This bottle comes with a slow flow nipple to make the bottle experience most like breastfeeding.  I can see how this would be very useful to a working mom who must pump milk while she is gone during the day, but breastfeeds while at home, making the transition easier for baby.  Sure, the hubby may giggle at this bottle, but it is really ingenious.  It comes packaged in a cute milk carton style box that would be great for giving as a baby shower gift.

The Very Hungry baby bottle retails for $14.99 and is available in stores and online at thenewmomshop.com

“A sample of this product was provided to faciliate my review.  All opinions expressed are my own.”

The Scholastic Store-Great Books at Great Prices #Giveaway 3 Prize Pack Winners!

I have a lot of love for books.  Fiction, non fiction, it doesn’t matter.  Children’s books are no exception.  I love them.  I am happy to say that my kids love them.  I love sharing books with them, and discovering new stories to share, rhymes to recite over and over again.  The Scholastic Store has such an awesome range of books- including some of our favorites, the I Spy series.  One of my favorite gifts, and one that my kids always receive, is the gift of a book.   My mom had a great love of books and I obviously inherited it from her!!  I love the Scholastic books because it offers a way to save a bit of money on the same titles you can find elsewhere.  Books are great gifts, they can be enjoyed over and over and over again, and they are easy to find, and affordable options!!  I love tucking a book in as an extra gift, too!! Be creative and fun!

We do a lot of I Spy around here- if not with the books, then in the car, at the dinner table, we play the game…I love that Scholastic continues to put out more I Spy books regularly. I will be very, very sad when they stop publishing them, although I find them as delightful the 100th time I read them as the first.  I Spy Christmas wasn’t in our collection (thankfully it is now) and I love going through it with the kids- or even better, when they all three snuggle on the couch and go through it just themselves.  It makes my heart all melty, plus they are teaching one another and helping one another.  I think having met Jean Marzollo last spring at our local school probably only served to make my love of I Spy grow deeper!! They even have Nintendo DS games  of ISpy!

There are books for babies and toddlers, the preschool crowd, the graders, even books for ages 13 and up.  Not sure what to get?  The Scholastic Store offers suggestions for your purchases based on ages, price ranges, toys, games, crafts, etc.  They have an entire section just of gift ideas.  What I just learned is that The Scholastic Store isn’t just online.  They are in New York City.  I will be there one day!! [click to continue…]

GelPro Comfort Mats Review & #Giveaway #ShoutMedia 2 winners

There’s a beautiful new thing in my life, and it’s not too big, not too small, and sits in front of my kitchen sink.  It’s a GelPro Comfort Mat.  Mind you, I have seen these for years in magazines and thought to myself, “someday I want one of those!” and now, here we are, and guess what’s in my kitchen?  Oh yes, and you know what? I love it like I had thought I might.  Maybe more.  (I wasn’t sure if I’d trip over the edges a lot, but that’s not an issue.  This mat stays in place quite nicely and doesn’t trip me – or Mr. Bargains- up at all).

Comfort wise, I love this mat.  I don’t know why they call it a mat.  Maybe it should be the GelPro sweet cushy place for your feet to stand.  Although I guess that’s a mouthful.  But oh, it’s like a little slice of heaven.  Not t0o squishy, not too hard, just enough to say “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”  (Please note: this product doesn’t claim to make you actually want to clean more dishes.  I can confirm it won’t do THAT…but when you are stuck washing them anyway, it’s quite comfortable on the tootsies!) See, the gel core of the GelPro makes your weight distributed evenly.  So your back, your knees and your feet are getting to do what they are meant to do without any added pressure from uneven weight distribution.  The bottom is a super high-traction surface that stays in place- and with 4 ungraceful people in my family, including yours truly, we test this regularly.

The surface of these mats is not only stain, mold and mildew resistant, but also fashionable.  We’ve all seen products that are comfortable and …well, aesthetically horrifying, shall we say?  But this is not the case.  Colors, fabrics, textures- 45 styles and 10 colors mean you can probably find SOMETHING that will work in your space.  If not, well, send me an email, and I’ll give you my choices, and you can send another GelPro over to my house.  I want another for in front of my stove, and then I want some for the bathrooms.  I might even want one for where I find myself standing at the bottom of my stairs trying to get children to get their little selves ready for school!  (Apologies for photo quality- my camera battery is charging and these are cell shots, although I don’t know why this texture closeup is so grey- its a tan mat!!) [click to continue…]

Customized Case-Mate iPhone cases from Zazzle.com #Giveaway

I was so excited when Queen B asked if I wanted to do a guest post and review an item for her blog.  I was even more excited when I learned I would have the opportunity to make a custom case for my Iphone on Zazzle.com.  I’m Ally and I’m one of Queen B’s BFF’s.
Zazzle.com is a cool website.  It is your go to site for anything personalized.  Tshirts, cards, mugs, ornaments, you name it.  The homepage of Zazzle is very easy to navigate.  I was able to find the tab for iPhone cases under the electronic’s category.  Once there, I was amazed at all of the beautiful cases they had to offer.  These aren’t your boring plain colored cases that you find at your local electronic stores or big box stores.  There was an amazing assortment of unique patterns and designs.
After looking at several cases, I decided to hit the “create your own case” button and make my own using a photo.  The hardest thing about making this case was deciding on what picture I wanted to use. In the end, a picture of myself with my 2 favorite people, my niece and nephew was the winner!  I was then brought to a screen where you chosse what case you wanted.  I chose the Custom Case Mate-ID case.  [click to continue…]

EzyRoller (#Giveaway #Rafflecopter)

I have a gift idea (or anytime idea) that is fun for the WHOLE family. Well, at least the 4+ members of your family…although I think 3+ can handle it. The Ezy Roller is a cross between a bike and a scooter, and it is FUN…for anyone.  Fun like my neighbors got one “for the kids” and I think they ended up using it as much as the kids.  Maybe more?  Plus they had us come over and check it out, and then we decided, hey!! This looks fun!!  It’s all kid (or grownup kid) powered- no batteries, nothing.  So.much.fun.  Needed to get one.  Wanted to have a This Mama Loves Her Bargains reader win one to try at their house.
Seriously, though, playing together as a family is good for the heart, good for the soul, and something we ALL need more of.  The Ezy Roller is a great way to do that!!  I have yet to meet anyone, my children included, that doesn’t LOVE this thing.  Chances are, you will too! This roller is easy to assemble, easy to adjust, and really just a ton of fun. My only issue is that with just one Ezy Roller, you may have problems with people not wanting to share….so you may need two. Or three. [click to continue…]