Disney Princess Peasant Dresses for Girls and Dolls

We are surprising our children with the news of our upcoming family trip to Disney World on Christmas morning, so many gifts this year are themed around the trip….and I knew I wanted to have some Disney princess dresses for the girls to wear while down there. My problem was that the dress up stuff we have- even the really nice quality stuff, doesn’t seem like it would be very comfortable to wear walking around a park, nor would it be conducive to going on and off rides all day. So I set off to see what I could find on the internet.

That’s how I met Shannon from Nannabells on Etsy. Let me tell you, this woman is my hero (and her cousin, but we’ll meet her later). She had some darling peasant style dresses for babies (and more recently, toddlers!) on her shop site, but none in sizes that would fit my girls. Dresses that were cotton, and didn’t go down to the ankles or longer, that looked like a kid could spend all day playing in and still be- well, a kid playing all day. I sent her a message. Within hours we had all kinds of plans. I wanted dresses with doll dresses to match in the girls’ favorite princesses. She wasn’t making bigger sizes, but she was absolutely ready and willing to start!

After a little while, we decided upon a Snow White, Cinderella and Tinkerbell for my little one, and Merida, Tinkerbell and Rosetta for my older daughter. As of today, we have Snow White

snow white peasant dress

and Merida here – and you won’t see photos of these with my girls in them because they are, indeed, Christmas gifts. But I’m too in love with them NOT to share, so here you go!

merida peasant dress

Shannon even added a bit of embroidered “flair” to each of the dresses for the girls. Her seams and stitching is top notch. These dresses are made to last and they look fabulous. The dresses have a really generous elastic neck for pulling over heads to get on and off, which makes things a lot easier for the girls. The sashes are such a fun accent but the dresses look amazing without them, too- and they are not attached in any way.

Shannon’s cousin, Jaime, from Sew Every Whim, makes her own custom 18 inch dolls in her shop (they are darling, check them out!) and was also the one to make the doll dresses to match my girls’ dresses. The dresses are not identical but I think that works out perfectly- they look the same, but the girls should have *something* extra, right? Like the appliques or embroidery, each is a beautiful embellishment for the girls’ dress.

merida 18 inch doll dress

With the Snow White doll dress, the applique is the same, but if you look closely, the doll’s dress has a polka dot ribbon on the sleeves. A tiny difference, that makes the dress stand out a bit. The doll dresses have a nice generous elastic so that you can slide the dresses on the dolls with ease. My 3 year old will need help with these (she needs help with dressing her dolls) but my 7 year old will love this. Velcro closures always get snagged on things and annoy us all.

snow white 18 inch doll dress

Here are all of the dresses together (and I WILL update with pics of the girls after Christmas!)


Shannon and Jaime are both SO talented, and work quickly- I’d recommend them in a heartbeat (and already have a new order pending…Minnie Mouse, Rapunzel and Jessie have been added to the list of dresses they can do) and what a FUN way to let your princess be a princess at Disney – or at the playground- in comfort and style! I’m sure they are able to even more styles and designs- just ask!

merida dress for girls with 18 inch matching doll dress

snow white peasant dress with matching doll dress

Nannabells’ dresses range from $35-$50 depending on the size/design/ruffles/applique on the dresses, if there is an applique added there is a $5-$8 charge depending on the size/detail of the applique.

Sew Every Whim’s doll dresses range from $20-$25 again depending on the design/ruffle/applique on the dress.

What kind of dress would you like to see next?


I did receive a discount on the dresses I ordered from Shannon and Jaime, and wasn’t obligated to post about them- but I am so head over heels in love with these dresses and supporting women’s businesses I just HAD to share!




Maty’s Natural Cold Remedies (Prize Pack Giveaway)

c=”http://mamalovesherbargains.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/matys-all-natural-baby-chest-rub.jpg” width=”448″ height=”600″ />

Maty’s company is named after their daughter, Maty, who was born with severe heart defects. Due to her weakened immune system her parents were devoted to finding natural cures for her ailments, and thus was born Maty’s company. The products they offer are all natural cough syrup (both for little kids and adults), vapor rubs, and breathe better ointments.

matys all natural remedies

I’ve always looked for natural products to provide relief when my family is not feeling well. One of the first things I learned as a new mom was to but a baby vapor rub on my baby’s feet to help when she’s congested- and then about 20 seconds later I read to never use the vapor rubs sold in stores because it can harm the baby. I trusted my gut and went on the hunt for a natural, safe vapor product. I still used the foot technique, and obviously we made it through that cold, and dozens of others. I like being able to use products that are safe to use for my children. I want to give them relief when they are having a lot of coughing and cannot sleep at night…or so stuffed up they can’t really breathe. I want to give them the relief with the peace of mind that these remedies aren’t going to potentially harm them.

I discovered Maty’s over the summer, at the local grocery store, which in and of itself was exciting to me- there, right next to all of the medicines, was a natural product! Available right there! I was thrilled. I bought three. One for each bathroom and a backup. I was so glad to find an all natural product that had the ingredients that I know from researching to be effective in treating cold and flu symptoms. Products that offer relief but are free from menthol and petroleum in the ingredients.

I’m sure if you have small children like I do you are aware of the recommendations to not use any kind of cough syrup for children under the age of 6. That’s all well and good until your child under the age of 6 is coughing incessantly and the doctor says it’s just a virus, but your child is very uncomfortable and you’re sitting there arguing with yourself that kids aren’t supposed to have this stuff if they aren’t at least 6, but she’s so uncomfortable, and maybe if I just give her a half dose…but what if that’s still too much….all while your little one is just looking at you like mom (or dad) please just make me feel better. It’s a dilemma. Thankfully Maty’s offers natural cough remedies in addition to the vapor rub (which is available for adults and children over the age of 3 months) as well as a nasal ointment to help breathe better.

A gift basket with each of the Maty’s products would make a really wonderful (and thoughtful) gift for expectant or new parents- or anyone, really. Perhaps a little non traditional for a gift, but that’s always ok with me. When I find products like this that I truly believe can impact a family’s life, I do try to include it for a shower or holiday gift. If it’s helped me, it may help someone else!

Maty’s Healthy Products is also a proud supporter of Vitamin Angels. Your purchase of our products helps connect needy children worldwide with vital nutritional supplements. For more information on this organization, please go to www.vitaminangels.org

Where to buy Matys Healthy Product


One US reader will win a prize pack including one of each Maty’s Product including Vapor Rubs, Cough Syrups and the Breathe Better Nasal Ointment.

To Enter:

Leave a comment below telling me what your favorite tip or trick is for soothing a cough or stuffy nose!

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V.me by Visa online payment service is SO easy to use!

I’m a shopper. As I get older, I’m becoming more and more an online shopper- it’s quick, it’s easy, and I can get things to my home or someone else’s in very little time. With online shopping, I can price compare and earn cash back which means I can typically save myself some money. That’s a big incentive to continue shopping online. But with online shopping comes online payments and that opens all kinds of concerns. V.me by Visa is a new online payment service that can help me with many of my online shopping concerns! I am forever having to go find my wallet to get my payment information when shopping online- I like being able to have access to a service that remembers for me- in a secure way.

Being a new service, one of the first things I wanted to check was WHERE I could use the service. I wanted to be sure I could use this at places that sell things I might use!

sites that accept v.me by visa

There are several sites I frequent that are on the list! I was so happy to see this. We’ve been really enjoying movie dates this year and seeing that I can easily and quickly order movie tickets online with this service made me happy. This way I can order from my phone if it’s a last minute decision and we’re out and we don’t have to wait in line. There are also shoes to be had from Shoebuy.com…we all wear shoes, right? There are a surprising amount of merchants who already have agreed to accept V.me by Visa for payment.

shopping at buy.com with v.me

I decided to head over to Buy.com to see what kind of deals I could find (it’s Black Friday). We were discussing the fact that I have never seen the Christmas special Emmitt Otter’s Jugband Christmas, and I thought it might be a good day to grab a copy. To my disappointment, this was not on the list of deals, but I went ahead and ordered it anyway. I love Christmas specials (OK OK I love all holiday specials!) and want this to be part of our collection!

shopping with v.me by visa

Shopping was business as usual, and I was trying to be good and only get what I “came” onto the site for.

checking out with v.me by visa

There wasn’t anything surprising about checkout with V.me- a few windows and voila. Payment processed, without me having to go grab my credit card, and I’m still earning cashback on my purchase with the card I have on file.

checking-out with v.me by visa

I wasn’t at all concerned that my identity would be at risk.

checking -out- with v.me by visa

Easy, peasy…lemon squeezy!

confirmation screen using v.me by visa


Now I just sit back and wait for our new DVD to arrive in the mail!

This post is brought to you by V.me by Visa. Online payment. Simple and secure.

Y Fliker Scooter (Giveaway)

yfliker scooter pink

Scooters are all the rage with almost every kid I know. Little kids, big kids, in between kids, husbands (who act like kids?!) and everyone in between seems to be loving scooters and everything about them. I know my kids are no strangers to scooters, and when I was asked if I would share with you all about Yvolution‘s YFliker scooters, I had to jump at the chance. I have been hearing a LOT about this HOT HOT HOT Holiday toy and wanted to give one of you the chance to have one for your house!

What I like about the three wheeled scooter idea is that you aren’t pushing with your foot on the ground- I think this allows more kids with different abilities to be able to successfully use the scooter itself. A hand brake is always a good safety feature in my book!

yfliker scooter green

Yvolution presents Y Fliker, a new family of revolutionary three-wheeled scooters that will get kids up and active! Riders simply move their hips from side to side to get going and keep moving using body power for self-propelling fun. (No more kicking the pavement like in the olden days!). Y Fliker’s reinforced steel tubing, three-wheeled design and enhanced foot grips make it sturdy, stable, and easy to balance. Its light-weight and sleek design, combined with performance-rated wheels, also allows this free-style scooter to perform smooth carving and drifting actions. The quick response hand brake offers kids increased control and ensures a safe ride. Y Flicker also sports anti-vibration hand grips for extra comfort, and can be stored away easily thanks to its twist & stow folding system. (I would like to have ALL kids’ scooters and bikes be like this so we can save some space! There’s only so much garage wall space in the world!!)

Y Fliker F1: Ages 5+ (max weight 105 lbs); MSRP: $99.99; Available in pink and green.
Y Fliker F3: Ages 7+ (max weight 220 lbs); MSRP: $129.99; Available in red.


One reader will win their choice of a Y Fliker (you choose size and color)
To enter, visit www.yvolution.com and tell me something you like or learned. Even another color of the Flikers!
Want extra entries?
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Favorite game gift ideas – one size fits all!

g” alt=”apples to apples” width=”500″ height=”500″ />

Apples to Apples– There are so many versions of this game now- but really, it’s fun for everyone and appropriate for anyone. If you have younger ones in your family, get the sets geared towards the younger kids- you’ll all still have fun. I have the set for 7+ for my oldest for Christmas- and we’ve given that as a birthday party gift to four of her friends already. HUGE hit.

farmville hungry hungry herd game

Farmville’s Hungry Hungry Herd Hungry Hungry Hippos meets Facebook’s Farmville. Social media games are becoming real life games in such a fun way! It’s a really cute way to spend family game night!

Now you can bring the fun and friendly world of FARMVILLE home with the HUNGRY HUNGRY HERD game! It’s the classic play of HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPOS, updated with four new animals from ZYNGA’S FARMVILLE online game. Each animal has a favorite food, but it will gobble up anything it can get!

Based on FARMVILLE, ZYNGA’S wildly popular online game, HUNGRY HUNGRY HERD brings the farm animals to marble-chomping life! You can choose from four animals to play: Gobbling Horse, Munching Pig, Snacking Sheep or Chomping Cow. Each has a favorite color food that you sort into its feeding trough. Then it’s time for the feeding frenzy to begin! Quickly push down your animal’s tail to start munching. If your animal eats the most marbles, you win! The game also includes 50 Farm Cash for parents to enjoy in ZYNGA’S FARMVILLE online game.

Includes: Farm Base, 4 Animals, 4 Marble Flippers, 20 Marbles, Label Sheet, Game Guide

Ages 4 and up.

For 2-4 players.

scrabble catch phraseScrabble Catch PhraseThis combines my love of electronics with my love of word games. My friend Jackie is hoping she can improve her Words with Friends scores…

Think fast! The SCRABBLE Electronic CATCHPHRASE game challenges you to come up with words and then pass the game fast so you don’t get caught holding the bag! Give your teammates clues so they can guess the word or phrase on the game unit’s screen. But no rhyming, first letters or parts of the word, or the other team gets a point! Once your team has guessed it, pass the unit fast to the other team. When the buzzer goes off, whoever has the unit loses a point to the other side, so move fast! When your team gets to 7 points, you win!

Classic CATCHPHRASE game challenges you to guess words and phrases! Team up and start the timer! Keep track of the score with the game unit. Press the Next button for the next word or phrase. Word and scores of each team appear in the display area! Choose from 5 categories: Fun & Games, Entertainment, Everyday Life, The World and Variety.

Game unit comes with instructions.

4 or more players.

Requires 3 “AAA” batteries (not included).

Ages 12 and up.


Triominoes- an oldie but goodie. We have the deluxe tin we play so often!


tenzi dice game

TenziA dice game made for up to 4 players- quick moving (and GREAT for playdates) but also fun for adults. My 7 year old ADORES this game and brings it everywhere. It’s small, portable, and really easy to play- and the quick duration makes it perfect for the younger kids.

Farmville Animal Games- Old Maid Super cute stocking stuffer idea ! Old Maid is always fun with kids but this one is in its own storage pouch and has the whole Farmville theme.

The classic card game, Old Maid, is here with a fun FARMVILLE twist! Check out the cute Rockstar Cow pouch filled with animal cards that feature some of your favorite FARMVILLE friends. Kids will love selecting and matching the silly animal picture cards. Game comes with 20 Farm Cash for use in the FARMVILLE online game.

Now the leading social gaming company, ZYNGA, brings you the classic card game, Old Maid. Meet Rockstar Cow who is filled with animal cards featuring your favorite animal friends from the FARMVILLE online game. Kids will love playing this classic card game as they try to collect the most pairs of matching animal cards. Who will end up with the silly Old Moo card? Parents will love this game too! Game comes with 20 Farm Cash for use in the FARMVILLE online game.

Includes: Rockstar Cow pouch, 37 animal cards, game guide and digital value card.

Ages 4 and up.

For 2-4 players.

Cribbage I don’t know how many variations of Cribbage there are. I know that for every person there’s probably at least one design of cribbage board– tucked up in my daughters’ room right now is a wooden dolphin cribbage board my husband made for me years ago – with wooden pegs carved out in the first letter of each of our names for pegs from his dad. (Will add photo as soon as I can)

classic parcheesi

Parcheesi- Classic Edition- I would wager a guess that my mom and I spent at least 500 hours in my childhood at our summer lake house playing Parcheesi. She’d get so mad because I’d get double sixes like nobody’s business! It’s a fun game and I really need to add this to my own family collection- the memories alone warrant that purchase. But it’s a fun game and appropriate for kids ages 8+ . Just looking at the images brings back so many memories for me! We had no electricity on the island so we played board games, card games, and read when it was stormy or cold or at night. That’s it.

pass the pigs

Pass the Pigs– kids think this one is hilarious. It’s also quite easily modified, but how can rolling pigs around not be fun?! My 5 year old loves this game. He thinks its hilarious when the pigs are upside down. This is a GREAT stocking stuffer. We have played this game for gosh, at least 10 years??!! Friends of ours introduced us when we were hanging out at their apartment years ago…since then we’ve married our significant others, had children, moved, and you know what? We still play this- but now the kids join in!

What are YOUR favorite games for families?

Some games received for review. Opinions are my own.


Air Storm’s Zing Z-Tek Crossbow (#Giveaway)

The Air Storm Z-Tek Crossbow is a soft-foam crossbow for bigger kids to start learning and shooting a crossbow. It’s cool, less dangerous than the real thing, and packs a lot of power. With soft-foam, parents can feel a bit more comfortable letting their child try their hand at archery, and kids can use the “real thing” to practice. I always loved shooting archery at summer camp, back in the day.

zing toys crossbow

Decked out in bright orange and black, the Z-Tek Cross Bow’s most innovative feature is the extension application that offers two distinct firing modes; short-range and POWER-SHOT. Arrows can shoot up to 30ft in the short-range mode, perfect for tight spaces! Switch to the POWER-SHOT mode by pushing the button between the arms to extend the shaft of the crossbow, lock it in place, pull the trigger, and watch the Zartz fly to nearly 45ft with the increased tension

The Z-Tek Cross Bow is sold exclusively at Walmart stores and includes a Mega Target and three special Zartz arrows with suction cupped tips that stick to flat surfaces…perfect for target practice and friendly competitions!

zing toys crossbow toyThis crossbow is made for the 8+ crowd, and I implore you to please follow that guideline. Part of that age suggestion is because younger children simply do not have the strength needed to operate this crossbow for safety. To be honest, my kids have been so enthralled with archery and anything closely related to it since we saw the movie Brave over the summer, that I’d thought this would be really fun for them to have to practice with. I’d envisioned a nice, safe and quiet archery target in my backyard.

Once this crossbow arrived, I realized how wrong I was and asked a friend with an older child if I could pass it along to him- he’s the perfect age for this and has been wanting to try his hand with something like this! Things do seem to work out for a reason, right? Anyway, my pal is really enjoying this crossbow and was really happy with how fast and far the arrows went when he was shooting it.

There are some features that I really think show some attention to detail and thoughtfulness. There’s a safety feature- you can’t fire the arrows until they are in place and you release the safety. The arrows are foam tipped. There are also 2 modes to use this crossbow in so that younger, or not so strong children, can still enjoy this toy without risk. I will again caution you that this is NOT meant for little ones- and for good reason. It’s a great toy, and very cool, but let’s keep it for the 8+ crowd!

air storm ztek crossbow
Enter to win a Z-Tek Crossbow!!

To enter, leave a comment and tell me something you like from Air Storm/Zing toys besides the Z-Tek!

Want extra entries? (Leave a comment for each entry method you do and either leave your username or the URL of your “share”)


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A sample of this product was received to facilitate the review. Opinions are my own.

Beamz is a wonderful gift for any music lover in your life! FOUR special offers inside!

beamz light up someones holiday with musicA few years ago we were fortunate enough to be introduced to the interactive musical experience that is called the Beamz laser music player. There are literally hundreds of instruments, sound effects and songs that you can play around with for a different musical experience every single time you use the machine. We’ve all heard and seen what experts say about music enriching lives- and the Beamz player is designed so that anyone of any age can use it and create musical masterpieces. This may be the perfect family gift! You can use it alone or at a party- or at a more intimate party for two. There are so many different options and ways to create with the Beamz player that you might even say it’s limitless- and when those options “run out” for you, there are more to be found on the Beamz site.This is truly a one size fits all gift– it works for all ages, genders and abilities, and can work great for just one person and just as well for one hundred people.

The Beamz player can be enjoyed at home and with friends, but it can also be used in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, rehabilitation centers, and more. Having a father who lives in an Alzheimer’s unit, I can tell you firsthand that he and his fellow residents could benefit immensely from having a Beamz player around- you don’t have to remember much to use it- and even if you aren’t the one orchestrating, you can simply enjoy the sounds and lights someone else is creating. I think there are many, many other groups of people who can benefit from a device like this.

With the Beamz, there is music grouped by category and genre, so you can be sure to have something you like to play with. The music library appears to be growing on a regular basis, so you don’t have to worry about running out of options.

beamz holiday save 10 percent

Right now you can save 10% on the Beamz player using code HB10 until 12/17/12. There are also 4 special deals on the Beamz player right nowto maximize your savings-for instance, you can get a Beamz Player Laser Controller & Virtual DJ Home for just $99.99 (down from $149.99) less the 10% coupon…your total would be $99.90. (Shipping is $9.95, so you are basically getting free shipping with this unit). That’s not a bad price for a gift that will entertain the whole family for a very long time to come!

Don’t just listen to music…Experience it by playing light!

Beamz is an innovative gift that enables anyone to experience the fun of making music by touching laser beams and playing light. Interactive songs from all music styles and genres are setup and ready to play, regardless of experience with traditional instruments.

Beamz lets you join the band, be the band, be a conductor, and even have DJ-like experiences by interacting with hundreds of different instruments, sound effects and songs.


Our Pinypon Party #mommyparties #pinyponparties

A few weeks ago, we had a few of my little one’s friends over for a Pinypon Party. The girls were very excited to meet the Pinypon friends, because only a few had seen them in TV commercials and the other 2 hadn’t even heard of them. Prior to the party, an enormous box arrived at the house- a box that gave my kids many hours of entertainment yet again- large boxes in this family mean puppet theaters, hideouts, forts, ships, and more.

pinypon friends

What came in the box were the Pinypon Caravan (2 of them), several Pinypon dolls, and 2 darling little Nenuco baby dolls, who will tinkle when they drink their bottle, and blow bubbles when you squeeze their arm. We do not need another doll in this house, so I asked the other moms if they’d like one of the dolls. I sent one home with one family who came to the party and the other just went to work with my husband for a little one through Toys for Tots. The dolls are beautiful, but like I said, we don’t need any more and one of the things we love the most about this blog is that it helps us be able to give to others. Because of my giving a doll away and donating the other, we didn’t test out the Nenuco babies’ tinkling or bubble blowing, although I’ve heard from other blogging friends who had this same party that the girls all LOVED those features!

pinypon friends heads

These little dolls are simply CUTE. Their hair and heads come off and can be changed out with other dolls’ to customize your playtime. Each has 2 faces on it- some cute, some with a distinctly more anime feel. They are darling. I love them. The heads are also hollow so the very teeny tiny accessories (and there are many relating to anything Pinypon- like the caravan itself comes with 30 accessories) can be stored away for safe keeping. My littlest one and a few of the other girls found this to be the best part of the toys! There are tiny holes in the “hairs” of the dolls that you can stick little flowers, butterflies, etc into for accessorizing your doll.

pinypon party

The girls thought these dolls were super fun. I think it’s hilarious that out of the 5 little ones we had here, all of them seemed to be the most drawn to the “secret” compartment in the dolls’ heads. They loved all of the tiny pieces that come with the dolls- the accessories, the dishes for the caravan, too. This line of toys is over the top cute and fun but they have many, many TINY pieces and that’s something that parents want to be aware of. If my littlest wasn’t past the stage of putting things in her mouth, I’m not sure I’d even let those pieces come out of the packaging.

We even had some “On the Road Trail Mix” in honor of the adorable caravan and Pinypon friends’ adventures!

1c chocolate chips

1 c raisins

1 c mini marshmallows

1 1/2 c pretzels

5 c cheerios (or chex)

I think next time I make this I’ll do pretzel rods for pretzels and chex mix- rice- for the cereal. It’s a yummy snack and pretty universally loved!


As they were leaving, each of the girls got 2 Pinypon figures, plus some money saving coupons for their moms!

For coupons and special offers, visit Pinypon’s website. There are some great coupons including $2 off the Pinypon caravan, Buy 2 Pinypon figures, get one free and $5 off Pinypon Hotel!


Party supplies were received in exchange for my post. Opinions are my own.

Track your energy with Mindbloom’s JUICE and boost your healthy habits!

JUICE is a new app that may just help those of us (read: ME) who need to figure out why no energy in the morning…or why no energy later…or what the best time to do a workout is… The folks at Mindbloom created JUICE to help folks make connections between their daily habits that can drain your energy. It’s easy to use, and very enlightening. This kind of app may be what some of us (*ahemMEahem*) need to start making changes so that we have more energy to get the things done that we want to do.

For me, I know I’m pretty much OUT of energy by about 630 pm. Done, overcooked, whatever. I have a to do list that won’t quit and it would be nice if I could find ways (free ways) to try to rework my day so that I *do* have some energy leftover. JUICE offers tips and ways to review my day for FREE and those tips will hopefully help me get some more energy later in the day!


Using the JUICE app means you are emptying or filling a- wait for it….a juice bottle. I like the visual. Visual works for me. Of course, at the end of the day, something will probably tell me that I need to EXERCISE and that will help boost my energy. Someone always does when it relates to well-being. I’m working on it!

juice sleep tip
This app is super user friendly. I was really, really bored one night and watched sheep jumping a fence for a while. It did help me get to sleep. I needed sleep, JUICE told me I did. So that worked well. The app comes with Nutrition, Sleep and Exercise preloaded, and you can unlock Stress, Life Balance and Mood as well. I spend most of my days unlocking the door to let stress in lately, so I’d probably just go ahead and add that on immediately if you are like me.

For the most part it’s a neat app and being free, makes it more appealing. I was thinking today that this would be a really great tool for people who have chronic exhaustion or even medical issues- you can see ebbs and flows in the data collected from using the app over time- there may well be useful information for medical professionals in that data. You can also get that data in graph form. I have friends who love a nice graph, so that alone would make them happy!

Would you use an app like JUICE?

Gift Baskets Plus Review and Discount!

Who doesn’t love a gift basket? It’s the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. Gift Baskets Plus offers an enourmous selection of gourmet gift baskets for everyone on your list. They have been making gift baskets for over 10 years. All of their products are professionally packaged and delivered. Their prices are fabulous and they offer a very large selection of Christmas themed baskets.

I have my eye on the Fantastic Godiva Tower. Who wouldn’t love a tower of Godiva chocolate???? Currently on sale for $64.80 I am SOOO tempted to get this for myself! There are baskets for the wine lover, the gourmet, snack baskets, kosher baskets and cookie baskets just to name a few.

Tuscan Countryside is a beautiful arrangement that comes with a reusable basket. It is overflowing with delicious italian items, including: dry salami, marinated olives, tea cookies, fruit and nut mix and wild smoked salmon just to name a few.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a friend, hard to buy for relative or someone special in your life check out Gift Baskets Plus!! Their arrangements are sure to delight your loved one!


Gift Baskets Plus is Exclusively offering our readers a coupon for 15% off. Use Coupon Code 15OFF to redeem this offer!!!!


“A sample of this product will be provided in exchange for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.”